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TitleBarton, Rev. John
Extent158 docs.
DescriptionSecretary of Madras Corresponding Committee Nov 1871 - Feb 1876 [David Fenn acting as necessary 1871-72]
/1-158 Correspondence and papers 1871-76 including;
/2 Relating to journey out: includes reference to American mission work in Egypt, also much CMS work at Bombay, Nasik (including Africans educated there for work in East Africa) 1871;
/3 Language examination report: Rev. W. W. Cox 1871;
/4 Detailed account of visit to Aurangabad (on journey out) including list of congregations 1871;
/8,10 Relating to marriage of Rev. W. W. Cox with divergence of views between Madras and London relating to Cox's disconnexion; also relating to Calcutta 1871 [includes comments relating to discussion in London on marriage regulations 1871];
/9 Reference to visit to Calcutta relating to government and educational matters 1871;
/12-13 Relating to Mr. Du Bois taking duty as minister to Church Mission Chapel Madras 1871;
/17 Relating to passage allowances for missionaries returning home 1872;
/19-20 Account of tour of Travancore and Tinnevelly [/19 end missing] 1872;
/21-22 Papers on caste 1872:
/21 'Caste distinctions in Tinnevelly': by one of Mr. Spratt's teachers;
/22 'Caste among Hindu Christians' by Matthaei Pillay, formerly head teacher at Palamcottah Institution;
/23 Includes letter from Archdeacon J. Gorton 1872;
/24 Rules for passage allowances 1840, 1869;
/29 Travancore Native Church Council: proposed future constitution [printed] 1872;
/37 Account of baptism of Brahmin at Ellore 1872;
/38,41 Papers relating to proposed Allahabad conference of 1872 [/38 incomplete: beginning and end missing (as sent from 'Editorial'?)] 1872;
/42 Newspaper cutting: Presidency College Madras 1872;
/45 Meeting for united intercessory prayer service sheet [printed] 1872;
/46 Cator Prizes: advertisement [printed] 1872;
/55 Mavelikara Church Council: minutes Jun 1872;
/57 Newspaper cutting: 'Madras Mail' 3 Aug 1872: 'The famine in Persia': by Rev. G. Maxwell Gordon 1872;
/58 Circular to CMS missionaries relating to discontinuance of monthly abstracts [printed] 1872;
/59 CMS South India: tables of missionaries' salaries and all types of allowances including details of distance and rates for travelling from Madras to principal mission and hill stations; memorandum of financial statements and returns to be made for Corresponding Committee [printed: 7pp.] 1872;
/60 Account of tour in Krishna and Godavery districts 1872;
/61 Relating to Mr. J. Thornton and his possible ordination 1872;
/66 Circular relating to retrenchment [printed] 1872;
/70 Return of Indian Christians in Tinnevelly 1871;
/72,79,82 Relating to Mr. J. Thornton 1873;
/76 Memorial to viceroy from missionaries [of all Protestant missionary societies] engaged in education in India against working of new grant-in-aid rules [printed] 1873;
/85 Christ Church Madras: select vestry report 1872-73 [printed: 20pp.] 1873;
/94 'The Religious Awakening in Travancore': by Rev. H. Baker [printed] 1873;
/120 Relating to proposed new church at Madras 1875;
/125 Copy of letter from Rev. E. Sargent to bishop of Madras with report of Tinnevelly pastorates 1875;
/141,151 Christ Church Madras: select vestry report [printed]1875 includes reference to mission week with Rev. S. D. C. Douglas;
/147 Relating to setting up board of trustees for CMS property in Madras 1874;
/150,152-153 Lengthy correspondence relating to irregularities in Travancore pastorate of Rev. Justus Joseph 1875;
/155 Newspaper cutting: 'The Madras Mail' 10 Feb 1876: 'A model missionary secretary' (appreciation of Barton's work) [printed] 1876
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