Finding Number (Click this to view full catalogue structure)CMS/B/OMS/C I2 O49
TitleBlackman, Rev. Charles
Extent24 docs.
DescriptionMadras 1830; Perambore seminary 1831-1834; Tinnevelly: Satankullam 1837-1841: Includes: /1-16 Letters 1830-34, 1838, 1840-41:
/6/2-17 Essays and examination papers on Scripture, Hebrew and geography, including work by Edward Sargent and James Ross 1831;
/8B List of scholars at seminary giving date of admittance, name, age, health, parentage, abilities and character 1831;
/10B Report of Madras mission 1833;
/10C Native system of geography and astronomy in Tamil and English 1833;
/17-18 Journals 1834, 1837:
/17A Journal Feb - Jun 1834;
/17B Statistical return for Madras mission 1834;
/18 Journal Mar - Jun 1837;
/19 List of schools in Satankullam division, Tinnevelly 1838;
/20 Report of Satankullam division Jun - Dec 1838;
/21-22 Half-yearly list of congregations in Satankullam division Dec 1838, Jun 1840;
/23-24 Half-yearly list of schools in Satankullam division Dec 1838, Jun 1840
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