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TitleChurch, Rev. Charles
Extent60 docs.
DescriptionSecretary Madras Corresponding Committee Aug 1820 - Feb 1822
/1-60 Correspondence and papers 1820-21 including:
/4 Newspaper cutting: establishment of branch Bible Society at Trichinopoly 1820;
/7 Copy of letter from D. Schreyvogel relating to death of Schnarre 1820;
/8 Indent of stores for schools for 1820;
/9 Includes reference to death of Schnarre 1820;
/10 Inventory of outfit for missionaries' wives 1820;
/11 Inventory of outfit and supplies for missionaries, with alterations to list proposed by Corresponding Committee 1820;
/12 Account of opening of Madras mission church, Black Town 11 Oct 1820;
/13 Hymns at opening of mission church [Tamil: printed] 1820;
/14 Includes indent for stationery and school books 1820;
/16 Corresponding Committee: minutes of meeting 17 Oct 1820;
/17 Report of Cottayam mission and college 1820 (includes detailed report relating to Mr. Jones);
/19 Copies of correspondence with government relating to mission church Black Town Madras 1820;
/21 Report on Travancore mission by Rev. James Hough 1821;
/22 Psalms to be sung at new mission church Black Town Madras at first English service 29 Oct 1820 [printed] 1820;
/25-27 Rough translations of letters from Mar Dionysius, Syrian Metropolitan, to [/24] Church Missionary Society and [/25] to Patriarch of Antioch, with [/26] translation by Professor S. Lee 1820;
/35 Madras Corresponding Committee: minutes 2 Apr 1821;
/38 Special committee meeting: minutes relating to schools in villages and towns of Madras district 1821;
/40 Report of sub-committee relating to choosing site for proposed seminary 1821;
/45 Quarterly return of Tranquebar Free Schools: name of place, numbers and religion of scholars Mar - Jun 1821;
/46 Travancore mission: general report including much reference to Syrian church, with appendix 1821;
/47 Report by B. Bailey relating to translations, also Syrian clergy and churches 1821;
/51 Instructions of Corresponding Committee to Rev. Isaac Wilson 1821;
/52-53 Letter (and copy) from Rev. Robert Mayor, Point de Galle, Ceylon to Church asking for help in obtaining medical supplies from England 1821;
/54-55 Indent for stores for printing, stationery and books (with copy) 1821;
/56-57 Correspondence with Rhenius and Schmid relating to caste (following trouble at Palamcottah seminary) 1821-22;
/59 Minute by treasurer (J. M. Strachan) relating to expenditure of Corresponding Committee 1820-21 and 1821-22;
/60 Letter from Dr. A. F. Caemmerer, Tranquebar 1821
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