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TitleDibb, Rev. Ashton
Extent42 docs.
DescriptionTinnevelly: Dohnavur Aug 1856-1858; Palamcotta Jan - Jun 1859; Pannikullam Jul 1859-1860; Mengnanapuram, Satankullam and Asirvadhapuram districts 1861-1862; Dohnavur 1867-1869; Mengnanapuram, Satankullam and Asirvadhapuram districts 1873-1876 [with Pallamcotta 1873-1874] /1-12 Letters 1855-57, 1861, 1863, 1873-76 including:
/4 Relating to position and prospects of Indian church and clergy in Tinnevelly 1861;
/9 Including reference to quality of teaching at CM Home 1874;

/13A Letter to mission secretary relating to petition for rise in salary of district pastors, including copies of correspondence (Dibb as manager of district and secretary of the provincial council) 1875;
/13B Mengnanapuram Native Church Council: extract from proceedings relating to petition for increase in pastors' salaries [including detailed estimates of monthly expenses etc.; also full report of discussion] 1875;

/14-23 Journals: Jun - Sep 1855; Jan - Sep 1856; Jan - Dec 1857; Jan - Dec 1858; Jul - Sep 1859; Apr - Jun 1860 including;
/14 Includes reference to Tristan d'Acunha 30 Jul 1855 and Mr. Taylor, SPG missionary;

/24-28 Reports 1859-62;
/29-39 Annual letters for 1855-59, 1862, 1867, 1869, 1873-75;
/40A Covering letter for eight annual letters written by Indian pastors in Mengnanapuram district and translated by Dibb, with comments [mentions Rev. Joseph David, Rev. Abraham Vedhamuttu (Arumuganeri) and Rev. D. Stephen (Kadatchapuram)] 1875;
/40B Mengnanapuram district: annual letters of pastors: Rev. Aaron Vedhamuttu, Nalumavady; Rev. Abraham Vedhamuttu, Arumuganery; Rev. Joseph David, Mengnanapuram; Rev. David Stephen, Kadatchapuram; Rev. Thomas Vedhanayagam, Vellalenvilei; Rev. Devanayagam Viravagu (with reports on pastors); Rev. Samuel Gnanamuttu, Satankullam; Rev. Ralph Hopper, Anakragapuram 1875;
/41 Report of Rev. Perianayagam [P. Arumanayagum] of Asirvadhapuram with comments by Dibb 1875;
/42 Tinnevelly Native Church fund: report by Dibb 1875 with tables of contributions 1874
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