Finding Number (Click this to view full catalogue structure)CMS/B/OMS/C I2 O91
TitleElouis, Rev. James Joseph Haydn
Extent23 docs.
DescriptionOrdained 1839: Madras district 1840-1848
/1-4 Letters 1838, 1840, 1843 including:
/2 Includes reference to Grovites [Plymouth Brethren] 1840;

/5-11 Journal extracts including much detailed observation of Hindu customs and ceremonies including:
/5 3 Aug 1838: describes Hindu worship in detail; 6 Aug 1838 very detailed description of all ceremonies connected with walking on fire;
/6 12 Aug - 12 Sep 1838: detailed description of customs and religious ceremonies; includes description of ceremony for anniversary of birth of Krishna with games and a puppet show [includes pen and ink drawing of sport with bamboo poles] 1838;
/7 Nov - Dec 1838: detailed descriptions of Hindu ceremonies including festival of Yaykahltahl;
/8 7-9 Oct 1839: includes procession at entry of chief of the Siva Brahmins;
/9 6 Apr - 12 Sep 1844 [most undated]: includes reference to school at Royapooram;
/10 18 Sep - 26 Dec 1844: p.11 includes drawing of amulet;
/11 Aug 1845 - Mar 1846;
/12-14 Reports 1843, 1845,1848;
/14 Includes reference to importance of training schools for schoolmasters; also relating to caste 1848;
/15 Hook-swinging in Madras: very detailed account of Sendal festival at Royapuram with pen and ink drawing of hook-swinging 1838;
/16 "list of heathen Tamil and Telegu books found to be used by heathen Native Schoolmasters in schools belonging to the CMS in the villages connected with the City of Madras mission" 1840;
/17-23 Statistics: Black Town Madras, Trinity chapel, CM chapel Perambore 1840, 1843-45; Valaveram and Mavoolloor Roopum 1840; Royapuram school 1844
Access StatusOpen


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