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TitleFenn, Rev. David
Extent315 docs.
DescriptionNorth Tinnevelly Itinerancy 1858-1863; Ceylon 1867; Madras Itinerancy 1867-1870; secretary Madras Corresponding Committee Aug 1872 - Oct 1878 [acting as necessary 1871]
/1-16 Letters 1852, 1854, 1858, 1863, 1866-70 including:
/1 Signed by Fenn and R. R. Meadows 1852;
/6-9 Relating to Ceylon matters: includes [/9] relating to Cotta Institution 1867;
/10 Relating to native church councils 1868;

/17 Copy of letter to Rev. J. Fenn relating to [Vincent] Harcourt studying for Islington College; also brief reference to rumour of incarnation of Vishnu to appear in 1866 "to turn out the English" etc. 1863;

/18-299 Correspondence and papers as secretary of Corresponding Committee 1871-78 including:
/20,68 Relating to Rev. W. W. Cox 1871;
/29 Relating to work on revised Tamil version of Old and New Testaments to be done by Rev. H. Bower under CMS and SPCK 1871;
/34 Statement of vested funds 1871;
/55 Newspaper cutting: 'Madras Mail': the Brahmo Somaj marriage ceremonies [detailed account of service] 1871;
/65 Account of death of Rev. [John] Conn, Raghapuram 1871;
/67 Draft: general power of attorney: John Barton and David Fenn 1872;
/75 The Travancore Native Church Council [printed] 1872;
/89 Includes reference to W. Mitchell and Miss Kirkwood 1873;
/116 Telegu mission: report on school evangelists to be paid by Mr. Jones of Warrington 1874;
/131 Memorandum on vacant posts in South India mission (21pp.) [1875];
/136 Relating to Justus Joseph and his adherents 1876;
/141 Includes reference to John Barton and abilities as secretary 1876;
/143 Relating to Newton Scholarships 1876;
/157-158 CMS South India mission: missionaries' salaries and all allowances including table of distances and rates from Madras to principal mission and hill stations; memorandum of financial statements, returns etc. to be furnished periodically to Madras Corresponding Committee [printed] 1872, 1876;
/167 Newspaper cutting: 'Madras Mail' 10 Jul 1876: native religious endowments [Hindu] [printed] 1876;
/186 Relating to future of Sivagasi district by R. R. Meadows 1876;
/190 Relating to return of "receders" [Justus Joseph followers] 1876;
/194,199 Relating to Rev. W. Marshall 1877;
/211 Proposed future constitution for Travancore Native Church Council [printed] with proposed regulations for native church councils 1877;
/216 Telegu district church councils: rules 1877;
/224-257 Mainly relating to famine 1877;
/236-237 Lists of food showing increases in prices: 1863-75 (Cottayam); 1866-75 (A. H. Lash);
/238 Friendless Children's Society: leaflet No. 3 and appeal [printed] 1877;
/239 Madras: appeal by Corresponding Committee [printed] 1877;
/246-247 Relating to Mr. H. Kendall, Harris School, Madras 1877;
/262 Relating to floods in Tinnevelly 1877;
/265 Relating to Mr. Kendall 1878;
/270 Copy of letter from Bishop Sargent relating to native episcopate 1877;
/279 Relating to Surandei Church Councils 1878;
/282-283 Includes reference to article on English schools by Rev. W. T. Sattianadhan published in CM 'Intelligencer' [/283 letter from A. H. Arden] 1878;
/291 Letters relating to famine 1878;

/300-301 Journal extracts: Sep 1852 - Dec 1853;
/302 'The religious awakening in Travancore'; visit to Cottayam Dec 1873 with account of revival [printed: 6pp.] 1873;
/303 Sivagasi district and North Tinnevelly itinerancy: half-yearly report Jan - Jun 1859;

/304-315 Annual letters for 1858, 1860-63, 1867-70 including:
/311,313 Annual letters from Fenn as chairman of Madras Native Church Council 1868-69
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