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TitleFord, Theodore T.
Extent326 docs.
DescriptionLay secretary Madras Corresponding Committee Aug 1858 - Sep 1862
/1-326 Papers and correspondence 1858-62 including:
/12 Examination report: Palamcotta Vernacular Training Institution 1858;
/26 Account of death of T. G. Ragland 1858;
/57 Letter from E. Sargent to editor of 'Madras Spectator' relating to land in Tinnevelly town 1859;
/76 Correspondence and opinions relating to remarriage of native converts 1859;
/77 Relating to illness [insanity] of Rev. A. Younker 1859;
/81-88 Account of conversion [ordination candidates] 1859;
/81 Joseph Cornelius;
/82 Vedhanayagam Devanayagam;
/83 [John] Nallathambi;
/84 [Abraham] Isaac;
/85 Perianayagam [Arumanayagum];
/86 Devanayagam Pilley [alias Viravagu];
/87 Michael Pilley;
/88 Mathuranayagam Perianayagam;
/100 Relating to Munro Island transfer 1859;
/111 Statement by Col. A. Cotton on a mission to the Upper and Lower Godavari 1859;
/112 Scale of salaries of missionaries and agents in CMS South India mission 1859;
/127 Special committee: minutes 18 Oct 1859;
/128 Account of conversion by Mudhuswami [Muttuswami] Devaprasadham 1859;
/139 Letter from Rev. F. N. Alexander with detailed account of festival at Ellore in honour of goddess Ammavara 1859;
/146B Cochin: pastor's house: plan and elevation 1859;
/158 T. T. Ford: annual letter for 1859;
/161 From T. Darling and C. Tanner [Telegu mission] relating to salaries for Christian workers, with detailed estimates for food, clothes, servants, pocket money and contingencies 1859;
/162 Detailed report of Travancore mission 1860;
/172 Reply of government to letter of complaint from Rev. F. N. Alexander relating to festival at Ellore [see 139] [printed] 1860;
/173 Scale of salaries of country-born and native agents 1860;
/174 Proposed Sarah Tucker Institution: ground plan 1860;
/175 Nicholson Cambridge Institution; ground plan 1860;
/182 Statistics: 1850, 1853, 1856, 1859;
/185 Colonel Cotton's second paper on Koi mission 1860;
/192 Statement by secretary relating to ordination at Paneivilei 1860;
/198 Papers relating to complaints against Rev. J. Thomas and Rev. J. Devasagayam 1860;
/201 Letter from J. T. Tucker, Tinnevelly, relating to need for European missionaries to be in charge [with endorsed note by H.V[enn] "That is native agency cannot carry out European plans and ideas of government. But should not a scheme be devised and introduced for preparing the native church for independency?"] 1860;
/202 Relating to experimental system of working for Indian clergy in Tinnevelly 1860;
/211 Palamcotta Training Institution: ground plan 1860;
/226 Copy of order of government relating to committee's petition for exemption of CMS property and agency from the new income tax 1860;
/234 T. T. Ford's annual letter for 1860;
/236 Relating to difficulties between E. Sargent and H. Dixon 1860;
/237 Medical certificate: Rev. A. B. Valpy 1860;
/239 Statement of sums raised by native Christians in South India mission during 1861 [printed] 1861;
/248 Relating to sectarian revival at Wartrap, following influence of Plymouth Brethren 1861;
/256 Estimates for 1862;
/262 Medical certificate: Miss Meredith 1861;
/263 Report on books of Finance Department CMS Madras 1860;
/285 Medical certificate: Mrs. Gritton 1862;
/289 References and papers relating to J. Muller ordination candidate 1861;
/292 References and papers: Ainala Bushanam 1861;
/298 Finance Committee: minutes 11 Mar 1862;
/300 Peter Cator's Prize Fund: accounts 1861-62;
/302 Medical certificate: W. Oxley 1862;
/309 Finance papers relating to retrenchment 1862;
/311 Peter Cator's Prize Fund: letter with examiner's report [printed] 1862;
/313 Medical certificate: W. Oxley 1862;
/314 Comments by Rev. J. Gritton on minute on organisation of native churches 1862
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