Finding Number (Click this to view full catalogue structure)CMS/B/OMS/C I2 O4C
TitleGell, Frederick [1861-1899]
Extent44 docs.
Description/1-30 Letters 1863-64, 1866-72, 1873-80 including:
/2 Relating to visit to Telegu mission 1864;
/3A-B Relating to proposed Indian coadjutor bishop 1866 with [/B] copy of letter from Rev. R. Caldwell 1865;
/4A Includes reference to death of Bishop Cotton of Calcutta 1866;
/4B Copy extract of letter to bishop of Calcutta relating to proposed Indian commissary in Tinnevelly 1866;
/5 Relating to visit to Telegu mission 1867;
/11-17 Relating to consecration of bishop for Tinnevelly 1873-75;
/20 Relating to proposed Travancore bishopric 1876;
/21B Copy of letter to Duke of Buckingham relating to Travancore bishopric 1877;
/23B-C Two copies of circular letter to clergy of Madras diocese relating to resolutions passed at conference of bishops of province concerning relationship of missionary societies to diocesan organisation [printed] 1877;
/23D Replies to and notes on the questions by "Less than the least" [printed] 1877;
/24 Relating to Ceylon controversy 1877;
/26 Includes copy of extract from letter of bishop of Calcutta relating to Travancore bishopric 1878;
/27 Includes brief reference to Mr. A. W. Poole 1879;
/28 Includes reference to Mr. V. Harcourt 1880;
/29 Relating to Rev. (?J.) Stone's declining appointment as bishop of Labuan 1880;

/31-33 Letters to mission secretary 1879-80;
/34 Letter to Mr. Clarke, with corresponding committee papers relating to Rev. P. S. Royston continuing as mission secretary 1869;
/35 Copy of letter from R. Caldwell and E. Sargent to Rev. J. Gorton, commissary for Madras diocese relating to revision of Tamil prayer book 1871;
/36 Copy of letter to Sir H. L. Anderson proposing that government should enable the Metropolitan of India to consecrate suffragen bishops 1871;
/37 Copy of extract of letter to Bishop Royston relating to future of church in Tinnevelly 1873;
/38 Copy of letter to archbishop of Canterbury with copies of correspondence from Rev. A. Thomas of Tiruwella [Syrian priest] relating to Mar Athanasius and against Mariolatry in Syrian church 1875;
/39 Circular to clergy with questions relating to caste [printed] 1867;
/40 Charge at third visitation (58pp.) [printed] 1869;
/41 Circular to native pastors with tables of financial contributions [printed] 1871;
/42 Circular to clergy urging special sermons and services on missions for Whitsun [printed] 1875;
/43 Circular to clergy of English congregation with summary of financial returns for 1876 [printed] 1879;
/44 Sermon preached on consecration as bishops of Dr. Caldwell and Dr. Sargent, Calcutta 11 Mar 1877 [printed] 1877
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