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TitleIndian catechists and pastors
Extent16 docs.
Description/1 Madras: journal extracts: reader at out-station schools: Jun - Jul 1822;
/2 Madras: journal extracts: catechist and reader: Sep - Nov 1822;
/3 Madras seminary: journal extracts of Tamil seminarists Aryapilly and Samidasen Nov - Dec 1822;
/4 Madras district outlying villages; report: reader Jesudasen Poet, and assistant: gives date, name of village, text, numbers of hearers (Brahmin, Sudra, Maha, low caste, children) Sep 1822;
/5 Madras district outlying villages: report: reader Sarkunattan and assistant: details as in /4 Sep 1822;
/6 Tranquebar: extract from readers' journals [no names] Jan - Oct 1824;
/7 Mayaveram: extract from readers' reports [no names] 1826;

/8/1-15 Mayaveram district: reports from assistant catechists [see O8 2]: Mar - Jul 1834: gives date, name of place visited, numbers of hearers (Brahmins, Sudras, Muslims, Roman Catholics, women, children) and remarks: comprise: Solomon: Sheally; Sinnappen: Tiruvenkadi; David: Tirukkadeyur; Kurubadum: Tirumaleyrasenpattam; Christian: Tiruvalenkadu; Visuvasanaden: Valangaman; including:
/6 With note by D. Dewapirasadam 1834;

/9A-D Essays on idolatry: by M. Teroovangedum, A. Chinne Crishnum, A. Ramanogum, Perianayagum 1847;
/10 Surandei district: journal of Pilgrim 28 Nov - 20 Dec 1855;
/11 Extracts of testimonials to ?readers: Gnanapragasan, Gnanamuttu, Tucker Yesuvadiam, Sivamamthan, Saramiadyaor, Selvanayagam 1856;
/12 Copy of letter to 'Madras Christian Herald' from Edward Porter, Cuddapah, with report of tour to Dhoor and Pedalah 1837;
/13 Account of conversion: William Edward Ganabadhy, Palamcotta 1858;
/14 Vageikulam district: list of catechists and readers employed in pastorates of Vageikulam, Sriviliputtur and Paniadipatti [signed by V. Vedhanayagam]; [Sachiapuram district]: list of catechists and readers [signed by H. Horsley], gives name, age, length of service, salary, present employment, antecedents, character, remarks 1879;
/15 Telegu country: return of catechists (details as in /15) 1879;
/16 Travancore country: return of catechists and readers (details as in /15) 1879;
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