Finding Number (Click this to view full catalogue structure)CMS/B/OMS/G2 I2 P
TitlePrécis books [incoming]
Extent6 volumes
ArrangementThe incoming papers [O] were numbered for each year [from 1 January] in the chronological order in which they arrived at headquarters. A printed [from February 1902 mimeoed] precis was prepared for each meeting of the Group Committee. This comprised number, date, writer, date received, summary of contents, proposals for committee action to be taken and/or secretary's remarks. A file copy of this precis [used as agenda papers by the committee] was pasted in the precis book on the left-hand side. On the right-hand the committee action (minutes or recommendations to Committee of Correspondence, General Committee etc) and notes of secretarial action (e.g. letters written [see letter-books]).
Access StatusOpen
Physical DescriptionThe pre-1887 South India precis books do not survive. For 1880-1883, 1885 see general precis series [G1-3/P].
Related MaterialNB The Group Committee minute books pre-1930 do not survive. But see main committee minute series [G/C1] to 1916 for resolutions and recommendations of Group Committee. Note, however, that the Group Committee minutes do no necessarily include the resolutions and recommendations entered in the precis books as these are often mentioned merely as "dealt with items on the precis".


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