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TitleBombay Corresponding Committee: proceedings: November 1846 - October 1879
Extent296 docs.
DescriptionIncludes: /6 Includes reference to Sorabji Coursetji [Kharsedji] 1847; also copies of correspondence between C. C. Menge and J. Muhleisen relating to finances of Marathi school at Junir 1847;
/7 Includes detailed list of supplies, food, furniture, clothes sent to Dr. Krapf at Zanzibar 1847;
/8 Includes details relating to candidates for baptism at Malegaon (by R. E. Tyrwhitt, chaplain) 1847;
/9 Relating to proposed printing of Krapf's Kinika catechism at American mission press Bombay; relating to proposed setting up of asylum for captured slaves (mainly Galla) with list of names and nationalities (9 men, 43 women); also copy of letter from Dr. Krapf 1847; list of supplies (food) for Krapf 1847;
/12 Includes inventory of furniture in bungalow at Junir 1848;
/17 Includes reference to Rev. James Erhardt and Mr. Wagner at Aden 1849;
/34 Includes lists of books required by Rev. J. S. S. Robertson for Nasik mission 1850;
/35 Includes reference to need of Money School (Bombay) for apparatus for teaching chemistry 1851;
/245A Has letter [B] from T. H. Sparshott, Mombasa 1874; letter [C] from C. F. Schwarz relating to tour in Junir district 1874;
/250 Includes reference to Jacob Wainwright and five companions who brought David Livingstone's body to the coast 1874;
/279 Includes copies of letters from Rev. Ruttonji Nowroji relating to Samuel his pantoji 1877; Rev. W. A. Roberts relating to Vishwas, assistant catechist 1877; Rev. George Shirt relating to allowance for family 1877
Access StatusOpen
Administrative HistoryA Corresponding Committee was formed in Bombay in June 1818. Its aims were to collect information, to act as friends and patrons of missionaries, to watch over the mission and to raise funds. Because it was founded by supporters in India, rather than at the instigation of CMS headquarters in London it had far more independence than a normal CMS Corresponding Committee and its power was rather that of an Auxiliary. No business was transacted before June 1820 when Rev. Richard Kenney, the first missionary, arrived In 1821 a separate CMS Association was formed by Rev. Henry Davies and its funds were amalgamated with those of the Bombay Corresponding Committee in 1823. In 1825 a new Association was formed and the work and functions of the Corresponding Committee were transfered to it, with the Committee meeting quarterly. This was not satifactory and in 1830 CMS London ordered the Committee to be separated from the Association. From that time it acted as a normal Corresponding Committee, meeting monthly and dealing with every aspect of the administration of the mission.
The proceedings listed here were copied separately only from 1846 onwards. The letters and accompanying papers have been listed with the papers of the relevant secretaries in the main alphabetical section of the catalogue. The accompanying papers comprise copies of all incoming and outgoing correspondence between mission secretary and missionaries and others connected with mission affairs; finance papers (including financial matters for the East Africa mission); circulars and memoranda etc
Secretaries: 1818-1833 Thomas Carr; 1834-1837 Henry Jeffreys; Dec 1837 - Oct 1846 William Kew Fletcher; Nov 1846 - Mar 1849 Henry Jeffreys; Mar 1849 - Dec 1849 George Pigott [Jan - Apr 1850 John Vaupell (acting)];
May 1850 - Aug 1857 George Candy; Sep 1857 - Mar 1862 John Stuart Struan Robertson [no meeting Apr - Nov 1862]; Dec 1862 - Nov 1869 Trenham King Weatherhead [joint with Robertson 1860-1862]; Dec 1869 - May 1877 John Stuart Struan Robertson; Jun 1877 - Nov 1878 Trenham King Weatherhead; Dec 1878 - 1880 Henry Charles Squires
Related MaterialFor proceedings before 1846 see the papers of the relevant secretaries.


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