Finding Number (Click this to view full catalogue structure)CMS/B/OMS/C I3 O4A/1-22
TitleCarr, Thomas [1837-1851]
Extent22 docs.
Description/1-20 Letters 1838-40, 1842-47, 1849 including:
/1,3 Relating to Cyrus Stone and possible ordination 1838, 1840;
/5 Includes letter from C. P. Farrar reference to Brooke White and baptismal candidates at Astagaum 1842;
/11 Relating to Nasik and Junir 1846;
/12 Includes reference to death of A. Dredge 1846;
/13B Note from C. P. Farrar [?cut to save weight for postage] 1846;
/14 Relating to Lex Loci Act (protecting civil rights of Christian converts; also relating to position of convert's second marriage when deserted by spouse at convertion) 1846;
/17 Includes letter from C. P. Farrar 1847;
/20B Letter from J. S. S. Robertson with account of death of Shankar Balawant [last page missing: see M 5 pp.264-5] 1849;

/21 Note of commendation from John Rowlandson, domestic chaplain, Mangalore, relating to Daji Pandurang and James Buntur following ordination as deacons by bishop of Bombay 1850;
/22 Letter to bishop from Ram Krishna Antaji, Nasik 1846
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