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TitleLetters written direct to headquarters
Extent21 docs.
Description/1 Joseph Andrews [native of Quilon, Travancore, brought from India by Lt. Col. Munro: see 'Missionary Register' 1820, p.95]: Bombay: reference to voyage from England including reference to his proposed work at Cottayam 1820;
/2 Lieut. W. Jacob: Petite Marche Cottage, Guernsey: relating to CMS work in Bombay including account of baptism of woman convert 1822;
/3 Rev. Gordon Hall: American missionary: Bombay: appeal for support of work of Bombay Missionary Union [printed: addressed mainly to Americans] 1826;
/4 Lieut. Thomas Candy: Bedford New Road, Clapham: sends extract of letter from brother Lieut. Candy relating to Mahableshwar Hills 1831;
/5 Lieut. Thomas Candy: detailed account of prospects of Bombay mission 1831;
/6A F. Money: Corpus Christi College Cambridge: reference to Money school [Bombay]: sends copy of letter from Earl of Clare to J. Farish Esq. also 6B-C [see also O28] 1835;
/6B A memoir on the education of the Natives of India by R. C. Money [printed: American Mission Press: 7pp.] 1832;
/6C Proposal for the establishment of an English Native School to bear the name of the "Money School": appeal [printed] [1835];
/7 [Capt.] W. Jacob: Bombay: introduces Captain J. Molesworth including reference to his ability as Mahratta linguist 1835;
/8 Rev. F. J. Spring: assistant chaplain Bombay presidency, chaplain at Kharrack, Persian Gulf near Bushire: relating to bill sent to London endorsed to Miss J. Bainbridge Strand [fumigation holes] 1840;
/9 Remington & Co.: Bombay: send bill of lading for freight sent for Mr. Vaupell 1845;
/10 "copy of a letter addressed to Major Hughes by a friend from Scinde - left at the CM House - to be copied for Mr. Ridgeway [CMS Editorial Secretary] June 20 1850": William Brown: reference to Sind and possibility of mission there [extract] [1850];
/11 Bombay Native Benevolent Society: Farruswady: thanks for donation of books 1854;
/12 Directors of Native Benevolent Library Bombay: thanks for gift of books 1855;
/13 Directors of Native Benevolent Library Bombay: request for books [printed] 1855;
/14 Rev. Francis Gell: chaplain of Hyderabad and Kotri: Karachi: relating to CMS mission work in Sind 1857;
/15A George Bowen: Bombay Missionary Conference: relating to government connection with idolatry in India 1858;
/15B Memorial of the Bombay Missionary Conference relating to government support for non-Christian religions [printed] [1858];
/16 J. Neville Warren: Karachi: treasurer Sind Auxiliary Church Missionary Association: Dr. Trumpp and Rev. J. Sheldon having left Sind, asks for more missionaries and support for mission 1858;
/17 Rev. Alexander Miller: military chaplain: Deesa [400 miles north of Bombay]: asks for missionary help 1862;
/18 Hon. H. L. Anderson, chief secretary to government: Bombay: gives list of [Sindhi] characters and expresses concern that Dr. Trumpp in his books uses characters very different from those in common use; fears that Trumpp's work will not be useful 1863;
/19A Rev. J. Malpas: Yercaud parsonage, Shivaroy Hills, South India: sends testimonials [/19C] applying for work under CMS: has applied to Bombay Corresponding Committee through father-in-law Rev. C. Menge 1869;
/19B Mrs. Mary Malpas; Yercaud: supports husband's application 1869;
/19C Captain Ed H. Short and Major R. Hunter, lay trustees of Trinity church, Yercaud: copy of testimonials for Rev. J. Malpas 1869;
/20A J. Talboys Wheeler: British Burma Secretariat, Rangoon: regrets that Rev. J. G. Deimler, Bombay, has been misled by native imposter; sends copy of letter addressed to 'Pioneer' [/20B] 1872;
/20B Copy of letter sent to editor of 'Pioneer', relating to baptism of Mirza Sulieman Ali Ghor falsely alleging himself descended from the King of Delhi (exiled in Rangoon) 1872;
/21 Rev. Thomas P. Hughes: Hampstead, London: relating to work amongst Muslims with special reference to
Mr. Deimler's mission at Bombay 1878
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