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TitleCandy, Rev. George
Extent169 docs.
DescriptionSecretary to Bombay Corresponding Committee May 1850 - Aug 1857
Letters from F. J. Spring officiating secretary 1854
/1-169 Letters 1845, 1850-57 including:
/1 Letter of introduction for Mr. Jefferson 1845;
/4B Correspondence relating to Brooke White at Astagaum (Astagaon) and his disconnexion 1850;
/11B Relating to quarrel between Daji Pandurang Mahajan and Ram Krishna Antaji Gadekar catechists 1850;
12A Includes description of tour of stations in the Deccan 1850;
/15C Includes reference to formation of Sind mission and Sind Auxiliary Church Missionary Association 1850;
/24F Includes particular reference to baptismal candidates Rama Pattunkar and Purshotum Janardum 1851;
/31B Minute on Money school premises including history 1844-51 of acquisition of site 1851;
/31C Report on salaries of native ministers in Western India mission 1851;
/31D-J Papers relating to 31B-C 1851;
/41A Report of tour to Nasik, Malegaon, Ahmednagar and Poona 7 Oct - 7 Nov 1851;
/43B Letter from H. Jefferson relating to Money school premises 1852;
/51A Includes copy of letter from C. C. Schreiber, Karachi 1852;
/65 Includes reference to illness and return of C. C. Schreiber 1852;
/74B Letter to Venn from W. S. Price 1853;
/78A-B Relating to salaries of native agents 1853;
/82B Letter from J. C. L. Zorn (designer of mission schools Bombay) 1853;
/84A Relating to purchase of premises for native general library with CMS account with Jumnadass Runsordass 1851-53;
/88B Letter from J. C. L. Zorn relating to plans for Money school 1853;
/93,95-96 Letters from F. J. Spring officiating treasurer 1854;
/94D Includes estimate for monthly expenses of orphanage at Nasik 1854;
/107B Report of visit to Nasik including reference to orphanage and its possible development into an industrial school Feb 1855;
/109A Relating to Money school premises 1855;
/111B Appeal with front elevation for new building for Money school [printed] 1855;
/113 Includes circular [printed] relating to proposed church for native Christians in Bombay to be called 'Christadewal' (i.e.) Christ's Church 1855;
/114 Letter from F. J. Spring, treasurer 1855;
/117C Letter from C. W. Isenberg giving lengthy and extremely detailed summary of letter to Isenberg and Deimler from Dr. Ludwig Krapf, dated Cairo 4 Aug 1855: relating to Abyssinia including reference to Massowa, Aduwa, Gondar, Debra Tabor, [including reference to Mr. Coffin, also description of visit to the King and the Abuna], return to Khartoum 1855;
/118A-B Relating to laying of foundation stone of Robert Money institution 1855;
/121 Annual letter for 1855;
/124 Includes comments on character of other committee members 1856;
/126 Bombay report for 1855: lists office-bearers, stations and labourers (including names of Indian agents), statistics 1855;
/135B-D Letter to Candy from Miss Millicent Anne Page, Mahableshwar, applying to work under CMS: gives details of life (father a clergyman in Suffolk and Preston) 1856;
/142B Minute on selection of site for CM House in Bombay 1856;
/148B Papers relating to uniting of funds for mission in Sind 1856;
/152 Annual letter for 1856;
/157A-B Relating to Miss Page [157A]; letter from Miss Page [157B] 1857;
/163 Includes reference to Miss Page 1857;
/164 Includes reference to unrest in country following Mutiny 1857
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