Finding Number (Click this to view full catalogue structure)CMS/B/OMS/C I3 O17/1-67
TitleCarr, Rev. Thomas
Extent67 docs.
DescriptionSecretary to Bombay Corresponding Committee 1820-1833
/1-67 Letters and accompanying committee papers 1820-29, 1831-33 including:
/5B Newspaper cutting: 'Bombay Courier' 26 Aug 1820: resolutions of Society for promoting the education of the poor, setting up "The Native School and School-Book Committee" 1820;
/11 Includes reference to enslaved children from East Africa 1822;
/17B Report of Bombay Corresponding Committee 1824;
/18B Copies of correspondence with Rev. Thomas Robinson of Poona relating to funds of Bombay CM Association and Bombay CMS Corresponding Committee 1824 [see also O45/15];
/20 Includes reference to death of Rev. J. Nichols, American missionary at Tannah 1824;
/21B Letter from Rev. Joseph Wolff, relating to Bushire mission [end missing] 1825;
/22B Copy of letters from Rev. Joseph Wolff, Shiraz 1824-25;
/24B Report of Bombay Corresponding Committee 1818-25;
/24C Proceedings on formation of Bombay Auxiliary CMS 1825;
/30A Includes reference to death of Mrs. Steward 1826;
/30B Dr. William Jeaffreson's account of death of Mrs. [Emma] Steward 1826;
/30C First report: Bombay Auxiliary CMS 1826;
/36A-B Letter to Archdeacon Daniel Corrie, secretary to Calcutta Auxiliary CMS and copy of resolution by Calcutta Corresponding Committee approving transfer of Rev. John Steward to Bengal [see also C I 1/O 76/88 (separate catalogue)] 1827;
/37B Copies of correspondence and papers relating to transfer of Rev. J. Steward to Bengal 1827;
/37C Copy of letter from Bishop Heber suggesting missionaries should be stationed at Poona or elsewhere in the Deccan or Northern Concan 1825;
/37D Papers relating to Rev. R. Kenney's translation of liturgy into Marathi [with comments from Lieut. Thomas Candy, Lieut. George Candy and Captain J. Molesworth] 1826;
/37E Documents relating to Rev. William Mitchell's removal to Tannah: correspondence between Mitchell, Carr and Lieut. Thomas Candy 1827;
/44 Includes reference to letter of credit for Messrs. Kugler and Gobat in Egypt 1828;
/45B Bombay CMS Auxiliary: report 1828;
/45C Report of sub-committee's visit to Bandora to consider its suitability as the chief mission station 1828;
/45D Plan of the district of Bandora in the island of Salsette: roads and houses marked: scale 800 yards to 1 inch 1828;
/55 Includes reference to death of Bishop [John] Turner of Calcutta 1831;
/60 Includes reference to possibility of Nasik as mission station 1832;
/61 Includes medical certificate: Henry Farrar, eldest child of C. P. Farrar 1832;
/66B Letter from Capt. J. Molesworth reference to transfer of money given in 1826 toward scholarship at Bishop's College Calcutta from Calcutta to general purposes of the CMS Bombay mission 1833
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