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TitleDeimler, Rev. John Gottfried
Extent48 docs.
DescriptionBombay [work amongst Muslims] 1855-1867 (with Junir Hindustani mission 1862-1866); Germany 1868-1870; Bombay 1871-1877; Germany 1878-1879
/1-29 Letters 1855-56, 1862, 1864-66, 1868, 1870-74, 1876-79 including:
/4 Relating to Arabic studies including endorsed letter from C. W. Isenberg 1856;
/7 Includes reference to writings of Dr. Pfander 1865;
/8 Includes reference to Rebmann and Bishop Tozer, relationships between CMS and Universities Mission to Central Africa in East Africa 1865;
/10A Encloses [10B] appeal to Corresponding Committee (Weatherhead mission secretary) relating to continuance of Junir mission 1866;
/13 Includes extract of letter to Deimler from Rebmann relating to East Africa mission work including reference to William Jones 1868;
/14 Includes reference to catechist Daud Mokhan 1870;
/15 To General Lake relating to Daud Mokhan with letter from Andrew Frost to General Lake reference to Mokhan 1871;
/16 Relating to Mirza Sulaiman Ali Ghor, impostor 1872 [see CM 'Intelligencer' Jul 1872];
/18 Relating to committee's request for Deimler to fetch Rebmann from Mombasa 1873;
/19 Encloses newspaper cuttings referring to slave trade in East Africa, also court-case relating to stabbing of Daud Mokhan by Muslim 1873;
/20 Relating to incorrect statement in CMS publications referring to East Africa mission and African asylum at Sharanpur 1874;
/21B 'The Gospel and the Mussulman Population of Bombay': paper by Deimler originally published at the request of Bombay Missionary Conference [MS] 1876;
/22B Copies of correspondence between Deimler and bishop of Bombay [L. G. Mylne] relating to services taken by Deimler for members of congregation of St. Peter's Mazagon who disliked the services taken there by the Cowley Fathers 1876;
/23B Copy of appeal to metropolitan from Deimler relating to possible closure of services for congregation of St. Peter's Mazagon 1877;
/23C Copy of appeal to metropolitan from Deimler's congregation following closure by bishop of services for those dissenting from taking over of St. Peter's in 1875 by Mr. Page of the Cowley Fathers 1877;
/24B Reply of diocesan registrar Calcutta to the appeal [23C] 1877;
/26B Annual report 1877;
/27 Relating to East African converts 1878;
/28 Includes reference to East Africa mission, also reference to death of Daud Mokhan in Lahore 1878;
/29 Includes reference to Rebmann's dictionary 1879;

/30 Letter to mission treasurer [F. J. Spring] 1855;
/31-32 Letters to mission secretary [Robertson] 1860, 1876;

/33-48 Annual letters for 1858-67, 1871-76 including:
/36 Includes account of visit to Mahableshwar 1861;
/42 Includes newspaper cutting [42B] reference to death of wife, also cutting [42C] with letter from Mrs. Deimler giving account of her work amongst European prostitutes in Bombay 1867
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