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TitleFletcher, William Kew
Extent137 docs.
DescriptionSecretary to Bombay Corrsponding Committee 1837-1846: [includes much from John Vaupell, assistant secretary (judge in Bombay)]
/1-137 Letters, minutes and accompanying papers 1837-46 including:
/1A-J Relating to Rev. C. P. Farrar 1837;
/1A Relating to alleged professional misconduct of Farrar and difference of opinion with committee 1837;
/1B Copies of resolutions of committee Jun 1833 - Nov 1837;
/3 Extract of minutes: Aug - Nov 1837;
/15 Appeal on behalf of the Money school [printed] 1838;
/23 Includes copy of trust deed for land for Money school 1839;
/24 Includes appeal on behalf of Money school [printed] 1840;
/25 Proceedings of Clerical sub-committee reference to Mr. Cyrus Stone 1840;
/29 Includes reference to financial arrangements for East Africa mission 1841;
/30A-B Monthly statistics for Bombay and Nasik schools Jun 1841;
/35B Newspaper cutting: 'Bombay Times': reference to petition from Nasik Brahmins against the authorities and missionaries 1841;
/35C Monthly statistics for Bombay and Nasik schools Oct 1841;
/40 Monthly statistics for Bombay schools: Jan - Mar 1842;
/44 Includes brief account of life of Brooke White 1842;
/49 Copy of journal of Mrs. Caroline Farrar Jun - Aug 1842;
/54 Includes copy of letter from Ram Krishna Antaji applying for training in England 1842;
/55 Includes reference to financial arrangements for CMS Abyssinian East Africa mission 1843;
/74A Reports of deaths of Mrs. Menge and Mrs. Mellon 1844;
/74B Medical certificate: Rev. Henry Mellon 1844;
/75A-B Relating to death of Rev. G. M. Valentine 1844;
/78B Includes copy of letter from J. Dixon 1844;
/86B-C Reference to purchase of land surrounding Money school with plan of buildings 1844;
/92 Copy of letter from C. F. Warth relating to failure of boarding school and proposals for orphan institutions in Nasik 1841;
/93 Includes copy of will of C. F. Warth 1842;
/102D Copy of letter from C. C. Menge relating to proposed work amongst Muslims in Nasik 1845;
/102F Copy of letter from G. M. Valentine to bishop of Bombay relating to Astagaum, work and character of Mr. Brooke White, and details of three converts asking for baptism 1844;
/102G Report by C. P. Farrar relating to baptism candidates at Astagaum 1845;
/114 Includes minute relating to constitution and work of Corresponding Committee, its history, and proposing the formation of a CM Association to take over the work of the committee 1845;
/116 Relates to Mr. Brooke White and Astagaum 1845;
/122,127 Letters from S. D. Murray treasurer Bombay Corresponding Committee 1846;
/125-26 Correspondence with American missionaires at Ahmednagar relating to work at Astagaum 1846;
/130 Circular with letter from C. P. Farrar relates to death of Alfred Dredge 1846
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