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TitleIsenberg, Rev. Charles William
Extent76 docs.
DescriptionRobert Money school Bombay 1845-1852; Germany (Dusseldorf) 1852-1853; Bombay 1854-1859; Sharanpur 1860-1864; secretary to Bombay Auxiliary CMS 1846-1848
/1-59 Letters 1845-64 (many references to East Africa) including:
/2 Letter of introduction for Rev. E. Burgess of American Board for Foreign Missions Ahmednagar 1845;
/3 Letter of introduction for R. P. Waters, United States consul at Zanzibar 1845;
/4 Includes reference to Miss [Charlotte] White's work in Bombay 1845;
/6 Includes some statistics for school and timetable 1846;
/8 Includes copy of short letter from L. Krapf, Mombasa 27 Apr 1846;
/12 Includes reference to Miss Kind, fiancee of C. C. Menge 1848;
/15 Includes reference to CMS Jubilee celebrations, also relating to affairs in Abyssinia 1849;
/16 Gives substance of letters from Dr. Krapf, from Rabai 12 - 20 Feb and Zanzibar 12 Mar 1849;
/17 Includes reference to East Africa mission, also reference to Dr. Bialloblotzky and Dr. Beke 1849;
/18 Includes reference to Abyssinia 1849;
/21 Includes copy of report by Mr. Moffat relating to discovery by Livingstone of Lake Ngami (South Africa) 1849;
/24 Includes reference to death of Mr. Jerrom (and comment on Mr. and Mrs. Jerrom at their wedding) 1851;
/50 Includes reference to donation for work amongst opium addicts in China 1859;

/60-64 Journals 1848-49, 1855-56, 1858-59:
/60 Journal of journey to Astagaon (Astagaum), Malegaon, Nasik and Junir [including description of glow-worms on way to Khandalla] 18 Aug - 2 Oct 1848;
/61 Journal of journey to Astagaon to investigate charge of drunkenness alleged against Mr. Brooke White; includes account of state of church 1849;
/62 Journal of a missionary tour of the Deccan 4 Dec 1855 - 7 Feb 1856 (with Rev. Appaji Bapuji);
/63 Jan - Dec 1858 (63pp.);
/64 Jan - Jun 1859 (41pp.);

/65A-D Reports: African male asylum at Sharanpur, Nasik 1861;
/65A Copy of report to government 1861;
/65B Individual reports on boys in industrial institution and elementary school giving name, date of admisson, date of birth, nationalities, trades, proficiency, general characters and conduct (36 boys) 1861;
/65C History of 26 African boys (detailed biographical details and accounts of lives) 1861;
/65D Autobiographies: William Jones and Ishmael Semler 1861;
/66 Sharanpur orphanage: 11th annual report [printed] 1863;
/67 Statistics for children in Sharanpur orphanage (name, age, date of admittance, baptism) and boys in industrial institution (names, date of birth, admission to orphanage, baptism, confirmation, admission to industrial school, trade, wages, remarks relating to character) 1862
/68-76 Annual letters for 1855-63
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