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TitleJeffreys, Rev. Henry
Extent40 docs.
DescriptionSecretary to Bombay Corresponding Committee 1834-1837, 1846-1849: [includes much from Mr. John Vaupell, assistant sceretary 1833-1845]
/1-40 Letters, minutes and accompanying papers 1834-37, 1846-49 including:
/1C Relating to ill-health of Mrs. Farrar 1833-34;
/2 Copy of medical certificate: William Mitchell 1834;
/5 Extract of minutes: Apr 1834 - Apr 1835;
/8B Copy of letter from J. Molesworth reference to Nasik 1834;
/8C Letter from C. P. Farrar reference to Bombay church mission schools 1835;
/9 Includes reference to C. T. Rhenius 1836;
/14 Extracts of minutes: May 1835 - Jun 1836;
/16B, D Copy of minutes: Jul 1836, Aug 1836;
/18 Copy of letter to Rev. Samuel Hebich, Basle missionary in Canara reference to their missions at Mangalore and Darwar 1836;
/23 Extract of minutes: Jun - Jul 1837;
/24 Minutes: Oct 1836 - Mar 1837;
/31B Copy of letter from J. Muhleisen relating to bungalow at Junir 1846;
/36 Minutes: Aug - Sep 1848;
/40 Includes reference to Rev. James Erhardt and Mr. Wagner 1849
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