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TitleRobertson, Rev. John Stuart Struan
Extent348 docs.
DescriptionRobert Money School, Bombay 1839-1840; Divinity College, Nasik 1848-1851; Bombay (translation work) 1852-1857; Bombay 1858-1877: secretary to Bombay Corresponding Committee 1857-1862, 1869-1877: [includes letters from Weatherhead 1860-62 during joint secretaryship and at other times when Robertson was away from Bombay]
/1-340 Letters, with accompanying papers during secretaryship 1839-40, 1842, 1848-49, 1857-62, 1869-77 including:
/1 Includes reference to voyage 1839;
/3 Includes account of conversion in 1840 at Nasik of two Brahmin youths, Daji Pandurang and Ram Krishna 1842;
/5 Detailed account of journey from England to Bombay including account of Malta Protestant College at St. Juliens, Malta, and crossing desert from Cairo to Suez 1848;
/7A Includes comments on Indian Mutiny 1857;
/7B Translation of prayer for peace offered in Hindu temple in Bombay 20 Aug 1857, including references to improvements brought by Europeans to India 1857;
/12B Correspondence relating to proposal by W. S. Price that "the convert Ruttonji" [Nowroji] should accompany him on his furlough in England 1857;
/20 Medical certificate: Rev. James Sheldon 1858;
/21C Abstract of unanticipated expenditure (including East Africa mission) 1856-57;
/27 Local funds account; Western India mission 1857;
/30B Copy of papers [title deeds and correspondence] relating to the interest of the Rev. George Candy in the house called the Marathi School 1852-55;
/48G-H Local funds accounts 1858;
/59 Letter of support to church of England in India from bishop and diocese of Toronto following on revival of missionary interest after the Indian Mutiny [printed] [1858];
/62A-B Local funds accounts 1857-58;
/66 Proposed church for native Christians in Bombay to be called 'Christa Dewal' i.e. 'Christ's Church': appeal [printed] [1858];
/75 Pay tables: Western India mission: Europeans, Indo-Britons and natives 1859;
/82A Includes reference to Miss White's schools 1860 enclosing [/B-C] monthly statistical report Dec 1858, Dec 1859;
/84,86 Relating to case of Sorabji Kharsedji, catechist, proposed for ordination 1860;
/89B Local funds account 1859;
/90B Medical certificate: Robertson: 1860;
/92B-C Letters from Daji Pandurang, sent by Robertson to illustrate impact on Christian converts in Bombay of the growth of deistical thought in Europe (in particular the writings of Thomas Paine) 1860;
/113 Local funds account 1860;
/115 Relates to death of Mrs. Galbraith (catalepsy) 1861;
/121B-D Accounts and valuation for Sharanpur Industrial Institution 1860-61;
/122A-B Includes reference to Rev. Daji Pandurang 1862;
/127A Includes reference to Mr. Galbraith's case 1861;
/140B Western India mission: annual report for 1861;
/140C Papers referring to case of Miss Mary Dowman (matron at Sharanpur orphan girls' school) 1861;

/143B Letter of application to work for CMS: George Ledgard, former missionary with Society for the Propagation of the Gospel 1869;
/144 Case of Rev. J. Wilson 1869;
/145A Relating to visit to Sharanpur including reference to proposed transfer of African asylum to Seychelles 1870;
/149 Relates to Rev. G. Yeates of Multan 1870;
/150 Relating to lay agents employed in mission 1870;
/151B List of lay agents at Bombay, Nasik, Junir, Malegaon, Aurangabad, Karachi, and Hyderabad: gives names, employment, pay 1870;
/152B Statistics, lists and tables giving information relating to Money School, including time-table 1870;
/156 Relates to case of Rev. J. Wilson 1870;
/159A-B Judgement and opinions of assessors relating to Rev. J. Wilson 1870;
/169B Western Indian mission estimates 1871;
/170 Relates to death of Miss C. White 1870;
/172B Letter from C. S. Cooke relating to finances 1870;
/173B Correspondence with bishop of Bombay relating to need for licensing and consecration of mission churches with particular reference to consecration of Girgaum mission church 1870;
/173E List of CMS evangelists in Aurangabad and Buldana: gives name, former caste, age, date of baptism, character of wife, physical condition, when employed by CMS, salary, whether or not in debt, whether he takes any intoxicating drink or drug, remarks (14 men) 1870;
/173F List of CMS evangelists in Sharanpur: details as in /173E (10 men) 1870;
/176 Relates to Rev. E. Sampson 1871;
/180 Relates to relationship between W. S. Price and Rev. Ruttonji Nowroji and Lucas Maloba at Aurangabad and Buldana 1871;
/187 Examination report for evangelists in Sharanpur, Aurangabad and Buldana (17 men) giving names, date of employment, marks and remarks 1871;
/189A Relating to relationship of CMS with bishop of Bombay 1871;
/203B Schedule of qualifications and pay of native mission agents agreed May 1867 amended Oct 1871;
/212 Declaration of trusts [A] 31 Aug 1857: Molesworth Native Clergy Fund; Farish Scholarships; Townsend Scholarships; with [B] copy of letter from T. Carss to Robertson Dec 1871; [C] legal opinion and observations on [B] by J. Farish and R. M. Hughes Feb 1872 [see also /266A-B];
/213-215 Finance letters (bills drawn) including payments on Persia Famine Fund (Rev. R. Bruce) 1872;
/216 Relates to Rev. and Mrs. G. Shirt 1872;
/217 Relating to return to England of Mr. and Mrs. Sparshott of East Africa mission 1872;
/227 Relates to death of Mrs. Carss 1872;
/234 Report by T. K. Weatherhead on visit to Buldana 1873;
/250A-D Relating to proposed purchase of houses at Anjiri Hill as sanatorium: 1874; with:
/B letter from W. S. Price, England proposing sale of his house at Anjiri Hill;
/C letters to Schwarz and Squires asking for opinion relating to need for house;
/D letters from Schwarz and Squires with comments; survey and valuation of houses belonging to Mr. Frost and Mr. Price; tracings of plans of both houses;
/254 Copy of letter to mission secretary Calcutta with statements of account of Western India in account with North India mission 1869-74;
/256B Reports of Newton Scholarship boy: J. Sheldon and A. E. Cowley relating to Samuel 1874;
/261B Letter from Dr. John Wilson to Robertson with extract of letter to Wilson from David Livingstone dated Unyanyembe 13 Mar 1872 referring to behaviour of 'Nasik boys' from African Asylum at Sharanpur;
/261C Extracts of correspondence between headquarters and mission secretary Bombay relating to African Asylum Sharanpur 1869-74;
/264B-D Copy of letters [B,D] from C. Johannes, Shiraz 13 May 1874, relating to attack by robbers on journey from Bushire to Shiraz 1874; correspondence [C] relates to same incident from R. A. Squires, Nasik and R. Bruce, Isfahan 1874;
/266A-B Papers relating to Farish scholarships [see /212] 1874;
/271A-B, 275A Relating to enlargement of mission church at Girgaum, Bombay 1874;
/275B Letter from Bombay government relating to freed African slaves no longer being sent to Sharanpur but to Natal 1874;
/281 Summary of returns for Western India mission 1874;
/287C Letter from C. F. Schwarz 1875;
/288C Letter ordering books, from Rev. Appaji Bapuji 1875;
/288D Letter from government reference to Girgaum mission church extension [printed] 1875;
/288E Includes reference to Buldana school with suggested chants [with music notation] for learning multiplication tables, also suggested time-table 1875;
/291 Includes order for books from J. Jackson; list of books ordered for Sind Conference Library (26 titles) 1875;
/292 Newton scholarship boy: Samuel: report by A. E. Cowley 1875;
/294-95 Relates to Joseph Jackson 1875;
/296 Relating to Carapit Johannes 1875;
/302B Includes appeal for church at Nasik [printed] 1875;
/303A-B Newton scholarships: reports for Nasik (Sahadu Wadalkur) and Anas 1876;
/308 List of Africans sent to East Africa 1874-76 [listed in batches] (144 names);
/309 Circular reference to purchase of land at Sharanpur [printed] 1876;
/318 Includes letter to clergy from bishop of Bombay reference to
Ceylon controversy between CMS and bishop of Colombo [see O4D/1B] [printed] 1876;
319A-B Relating to stand against Christianity by Professor Wordsworth, principal of Elphinstone College, Bombay, including cuttings from 'The Bombay Gazette Summary' 8 Sep 1876 (including reference to book 'Supernatural Religion') 1876;
/321 Estimate for building dining-room at mission house Sharanpur [see O1/269] 1876;
/322A-B Census papers [census proposed at Correspondence Committee meeting 18 Jul 1876]:
/A Makamalabad church from its commencement to Aug 1876: gives names, age at time of baptism, date of baptism, profession, note of death (30 names);
/B Bombay CMS native congregation: arranged by families: gives names, sex, age when where and by whom baptised, profession, income, remarks (114 names) 1876;
/328 Western India mission: summary statistics 1876;
/330B Memorandum [syllabus] of Marathi examination for missionaries of the CMS [printed] [187-];
/340A-D Accounts for Famine Relief Fund at Sharanpur and Aurangabad 1877;
/341 Letter to bishop of Madras (Thomas Dealtry) relating to competency in Marathi of candidates for orders: W. S. Price, Daji Pandurang, James Buntur 1850;
/342 Letter from James Buntur, Anjanari Hill, relating to advisability of setting up separate village for Christian converts at Nasik 1850;
/343 Address from Christian community in Bombay on Robertson's departure for England [printed] 1877;
/344-347 Reports 1850-51:
/346C-G Divinity class examination papers: James Buntur, Appaji Bapuji, Dadabhoy Dossabhoy, James Wilson, Daji Pandurang, S. Carsedji (Kharsedji) 1850;
/C Church history;
/D Translation from Greek testament into English;
/E Translation English into Marathi;
/F Translation Marathi into English;
/G Extempore discourse on a Bible text;
/348 Annual letter for 1856
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