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TitleSquires, Rev. Henry Charles
Extent33 docs.
DescriptionTwin brother of O72: Rober Money School, Bombay 1874; Junir 1876; Girgaum 1879; secretary to Bombay Corresponding Committee Dec 1878-1880: secretary to Western India missionary conference 1871, 1874-1877
/1-33 Letters and accompanying papers 1870-71, 1874, 1876-77, 1879-80 including:
/3 Report of Robert Money institution 1874;
/4 Includes reference to visit in 1874 to Ratnagiri in Konkan 1876;
/5-7 Sent from Western India missionary conference 1877, with:
/5A-B Correspondence with bishop of Bombay relating to functions of conference and relationship with bishop and diocese 1877;
/6 Rules of vernacular and Anglo-vernacular schoolmasters employed by CMS in Western India [printed] [1877];
/7 Schedule of qualifications of native lay-helpers employed by CMS in Western India [printed] [1877];
/8B Correspondence with bishop of Bombay reference to 'si quis' for Jani Alli 1878-79;
/8C Report of Enas, Newton scholar 1877-78;
/8D Copy of letter from Ruttonji Nowroji 1879;
/12B Girgaum church: annual report [printed] 1879;
/16B Correspondence relating to case of Rev. Sorabji Kharsedji wishing to be employed by CMS 1878-79;
/19B Copies of correspondence with Rev. Ruttonji Nowroji relating to receiving government allowance for officiating at military church, Aurangabad 1879;
/20B Relating to report of Native Christian Association 1878-79;
/21 Copy of letter from T. Carss, Robert Money Institution relating to resignation 1879;
/22 Relates to CMS attitude to diocesan conferences 1879;
/23A Copy of letter from bishop of Bombay 1879;
/23B Letter of resignation from W. P. Partridge, committee member 1879;
/27B Papers relating to proposed provident fund for native agents with statistics for Aurangabad (Ruttonji Nowroji), Malegaon (F. G. Macartney), Nasik (W. A. Roberts), Bombay (Appaji Bapuji): gives names of all agents, employment, age, how long employed, where educated and what education, where now employed, description of duties, salary, provision for family in case of own decease, family, general and religious character 1879;
/27C Girgaum church: annual report [printed] 1880;
Access StatusOpen
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