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TitleWeatherhead, Rev. Trenham King
Extent259 docs.
DescriptionMission church, Girgaum, Bombay 1872-1878; secretary to Bombay Corresponding Committee 1862-1869, 1877-1878
/1-254B Letters with accompanying papers [including letters from F. J. Spring during Weatherhead's absence] 1860-69, 1872-74, 1877-78 including:
/1 Relates to preaching to Indians in English 1860;
/2 Relating to need for mission church in Bombay 1860;
/3 Includes reference to Industrial Institution Nasik; concludes with copy of letter from Andrew Frost to Weatherhead reference to importance of itinerant preaching 1861;
/4A Relating to purchase of site for mission house and church 1862;
/4B Plan of [o]arts situated at Girgaum [next to Mrs. Jerrom's school]: scale 50ft to 1 inch: owners of surrounding properties named; Breach Candy Road and Girgaum Portuguese Church Lane marked; wells and buildings marked; also Portuguese church [?1861];
/4C Pencil drawing of church as proposed C.1857-58 [details include people, trees, surrounding houses etc.] 5 x 3 inches: 12 Oct 1861;
/8C [very detailed] Statement relating to Lala's case laid before magistrate of Nasik (reference to pupils at orphan girls' school at Sharanpur and boys of Industrial Institution) 1862;
/10G Statistics for native Christians in Sharanpur: gives names, married or single, number of children, when where and by whom baptised, original caste, place of origin, present employment, amount of wages (66 adults, 48 children) 1862;
/12 Relates to case of Rev. Daji Pandurang 1862;
/13 Includes reference to illness of Mrs. Jerrom 1862;
/14 Includes reference to mission at Dera Ismail Khan 1862;
/15 Includes detailed account of illness and death of Mrs. Jerrom 1862;
/19A-B Includes application reference to work at Dera Ismail Khan by Mr. M. B. Cohen, formerly of Free Church of Scotland mission and at C. M. College Islington (European wife) 1863;
/26G Relating to salaries of native agents 1863;
/27B Relates to illness of Mrs. Matchett 1863;
/28 Detailed letter reference to Mr. A. Davidson 1863;
/29A Relating to J. L. Holbeck 1863;
/29F Medical certificates: Mrs. Matchett: Rev. E. Wynne 1863;
/32A Copy of letter from R. Galbraith 1863;
/32B Paper read at Western India missionary conference: 'The Missionary Spirit' (views on missionaries in European services) 1863;
/34A Letter from A. Davidson giving detailed account of work at Buldana 1863;
/34B Application by Sorabji Kharsedji for increase in salary including detailed account of monthly and annual expenditure including clothes etC. 1863;
/38 Relates to tour in Buldana, Yeola, Aurangabad and district 1864;
/39 Relating to tour in Sind, Karachi and Hyderabad 1864;
/41 Bishop's minute on correspondence between Rev. A. Burn and Abdullah Athim, catechist at Hyderabad 1863;
/46B Relating to government grant of site in Bombay for church 1864;
/47B Abstract statement of salaries and allowances for missionaries 1864;
/48A Memorandum reference to Marathi examination for missionaries 1864;
/51 Letter from J. G. Deimler reference to East African youths to join East Africa mission: William Jones, Ishmael Semler and George David 1864;
/52C Memorandum relating to Marathi examination for missionaries of the Church Missionary Society [printed] 1864;
/54F Memorandum submitted to governor on the grant-in-aid system in the Bombay Presidency [printed] 1864;
/54G Address to Sir Bartle Frere, governor, with draft of scheme for educational grants-in-aid by payment by results 1864;
/66C,67 Relating to agricultural village scheme of Rev. A. Davidson 1864-65;
/68B-C Relating to character of Rev. R. Warren; also reference to state of CM College Islington 1865;
/72D Relates to purchase of part of mission compound Bombay 1865;
/72E Plan of property [72D]: roads marked, also Miss White's school: scale 100ft:1 inch 1865;
/77B Reference to Rev. R. Warren 1865;
/81 Account of death of Rev. E. Rogers (typhoid) 1865;
/86,90C Relating to resignation of Rev. Daji Pandurang 1865;
/94B Relates to grant of site for church at Girgaum 1865;
/94C Mission house Girgaum: estimate for building church, house and outhouses 1865;
/95 Includes reference to application for Miss Waters to work at Sharanpur 1865;
/97 Annual report of mission: Bombay, Yeola, Malegaon, Buldana, Budnapur, Aurangabad 1866;
/98A Copy of medical certificate: Rev. James Sheldon 1866;
/99 Estimate for building church in [?Bombay] 1866;
/101D Provisional revised rules for grants-in-aid in the Bombay presidency on the system of payment by results [printed] [1866];
/109D Detailed statement reference to Christians at Buldana: gives name, whether married or single, age, number of children, name of village, when admitted to church, employment, remarks (8 men, 7 women, 13 children) 1866;
/109E Declaration of trusts: endowment of Molesworth Native Clergy Fund; Farish Scholarships; Townsend Scholarships 1857 [printed];
/111A-B Relating to case of Mr. Schwarz and Buldana mission 1866;
/120 Memorandum on case of Rev. Edward Parnell, on way to Mombasa, suffering from eye complaint and having to return to England; includes account of expenses 1866;
/121 Relates to Mr. Parnell 1866;
/124A-B Relating to government grant of land for church at Girgaum [duplicates: printed and manuscript] 1867;
/125B Examination requirement and course subjects for training class for native Christian teachers at Sharanpur 1866;
/129 Letter from bishop of Madras reference to Rev. James Wilson's work in Aurangabad district 1866;
/135B Sharanpur: new English school: building accounts and rough ground plan 1867;
/137 Includes account of death of Mrs. Deimler 1867;
/139,145A-B Relating to proposed marriage of Mr. Sampson and general question of missionaries' marriage 1867;
/154-55 Relating to illness and death of Rev. J. W. Bardsley 1868;
/157B Appeal: Girgaum new mission church [printed] 1867;
/162B Letter from Nasik district missionaries reference to Rev. Daji Pandurang 1868;
/163A Allowances to missionaries in Bombay with details of food, conveyances and servants (6 missionaries listed) 1868;
/168C/1-4 Property returns: Bombay, Junir, Malegaon, Sharanpur 1868;
/187B Report by Rev. A. Frost on the agents employed or proposed for employment in evangelistic work under Rev. J. Wilson in Aurangabad district [gives ages, castes and biographies] 1869;
/197C Includes account for repairs and alterations to Anchor bungalow, Nasik 1869;
/198 Remarks on the provisional revised rules for eductional grants in the Bombay presidency [printed] [with English and Bombay standards in comparative tables] [1869];
/204A-B Relates to death of Mrs. Schwarz including detailed account [204B] by Rev. C. F. Schwarz 1869;
/211 Expense account for building wall round graveyard at Junir 1869;
/215-216 Relating to Pastoral Aid Fund 1872;
/223B, 224C, 225B, F, 228D, 229C Statements of accounts reference to relief work at Sharanpur 1877;
/225D Relating to Bombay medical mission (all Protestant denominations) 1877;
/225E Pastoral Air Fund account: Girgaum mission church 1876-77;
/232B Bombay girls' boarding school and day-school: report [Mrs. M. A. Weatherhead] 1877;
/232C CMS Girgaum mission church: report [T. K. Weatherhead] 1877;
/233B Famine Relief Fund: report (Sharanapur and Aurangabad) 1877;
/235, 236, 247 Statements of accounts for relief work at Sharanpur 1878;
/237C Medical certificate: Herbert Weatherhead [son of T.K.W.] 1878;
/238-40 Property schedules (giving values): Bombay [238]; Nasik, Junir [239]; Aurangabad, Malegaon, Dhulia [240] 1878;
/241 Reports death of Mr. Fuchs of Benares 1878;
/244 Includes appeal for Ahmednagar mission [Society for the Propagation of the Gospel mission] [printed] 1876;
/245 Proposals for a United Christian College in Bombay [printed] [1878];
/248 Detailed account of death of Rev. C. F. Schwarz 1878;

/255-256 Annual letters for 1862, 1872 including:
/255 Includes account of tour in villages round Nasik with Rev. A. Frost; also report of all work in Bombay [including details of Miss White's work] 1862;

/257-258 Address to congregation of Girgaum mission church with statements of accounts and report [printed] 1874, 1876;
/259 'An Appeal to the native gentlemen of Bombay on Female Education': a lecture by Rev. T. K. Weatherhead in Robert Money Institution [printed] [Bombay, Exchange Press, Fort: 14pp.] 1864
Access StatusOpen
Related MaterialJoint with J. S. S. Robertson 1860-1862 see O61. See also O1


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