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TitlePrecis books [in-coming]
Extent7 vols.
ArrangementThe incoming papers [O] were numbered for each year [from 1 January] in the chronological order in which they arrived at headquarters. A printed [from January 1902 mimeoed] precis was prepared for each meeting of the Group Committee. This comprised number, date, writer, date received, summary of contents, proposals for committee action to be taken and/or secretary's remarks. A file copy of this precis [used as agenda papers by the committee] was pasted in the precis book on the left-hand side. On the right-hand the committee clerk entered relevant committee action (minutes or recommendations to Committee of Correspondence, General Committee etc) and notes of secretarial action (e.g. letters written [see letter-books]). N.b The Group Committee minute books do not necessarily include the recommendations or minutes entered in the precis book
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