Finding Number (Click this to view full catalogue structure)CMS/B/OMS/C MA O 13/1-251
TitleHobbs, Rev. Stephen
Extent251 docs.
DescriptionMauritius: Creve Coeur 1856-1877: mission secretary [see also O 4]
/1-219 Letters including reference to finance matters; also relating to SPG [S. H. was great friend of Mr. Chiswell, SPG missionary] 1856-1877 including:
Includes: /10 Relating to Captain [C. G.] Gordon 1858;
/24A Encloses detailed estimates [24B-D] for building at Creve Coeur 1859;
/29 Table showing rainfall in vicinity of Port Louis Jan 1853 - Mar 1860 [printed];
/33A Encloses note of expenses incurred in erection of mission premises at Creve Coeur [33B] 1860;
/51 Relating to daughter Lizzie 1863;
/52 Includes proceedings of meeting of CMS Mauritius Mission 27 Mar 1863;
/84 Note from Mary E. Hobbs 1868;
/107A-E Encloses correspondence with bishop of Mauritius and governor, Henry Barkly, relating to claim on Rev. W. Wright, civil chaplain of Mahebourg Aug - Sep 1869;
/112,138 From Mary E. Hobbs 1869, 1871;
/127 Includes reference to son William 1870;
/140 Sends: /141 Copy of resolution passed by Madagascar District Committee of LMS 1871;
/142 Letter to editor of 'The Times' relating to appointment of Anglican bishop of Madagascar 1871;
/143 Encloses plan and notes relating to proposed house at Andovoranto 1871; /155-157 Letter from Mary E. Hobbs [155] and Mrs. Louisa Ansorge [156-7] relating to need for funds for school 1872;
/162 Includes note to Hobbs from doctor H. Rogers 1872;
/173 Encloses extract from proceedings of Mauritius CM Association 1873;
/190 Copies of correspondence with S. C. Salmon, Chief Civil Commissioner of Seychelles 1875;
/192 Copies of correspondence with assistant Colonial Secretary W. H. Marsh reference to establishment of industrial school at Mahé, Seychelles 1875;
/199,204 Letters from Mary E. Hobbs 1875, 1876;
/203 Copy of correspondence relating to grant of land [for industrial school] at Seychelles 1875;

/220-227 Journal extracts 1858-60, 1862; 20 Feb - 31 Oct 1858; 30 Apr - Dec 1859; 19 Feb - Dec 1860; Jan - Jun 1862;
/228-245 Annual letters for 1857-65, 1867, 1869-70, 1872-76;
/246 Letter from Mr. Hard, Audit Office, relating to "madness" of making Zanzibar the depot for liberated Africans nd;
/247 Letter to Rev. P. S. Royston, secretary Mauritius Mission CMS, relating to payment for dental expenses 1865;
/248 Notes on places visited including planters' estates at Beau Bassin, Mont Roche, Roche Brune, Plaisance, Stanley, Heber, Beau Sejour, Trianon, Mon Repos, Mr. Tellfair's at Moka, Mr. Fontenay junior, M. Salappe Grand River 1857;
/249 Memorandum by P. A. Wiche, Port Louis relating to proposed mission house to be built by S. Hobbs 1860;
/250 Letter from Rev. A. Chiswell, SPG missionary, relating to article in CM 'Intelligencer' 1871;
/251 Memorandum by Hon. L. Raoul, notary public of Mauritius, relating to power of attorney for sale of land at 'Montagne Longue' at Pamplemousses 1875
Access StatusOpen


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