Finding Number (Click this to view full catalogue structure)CMS/B/OMS/C N O15/1-39
TitleMiscellaneous letters written directly to headquarters
Extent39 docs.
Description/1 Joseph Thompson: ?master of brig 'Active': Hobart Town, Van Diemens Land 1823;
/2 George Fletcher Moore: secretary to the Agricultural Society of Western Australia: Perth: asking for CMS missionaries 1832;
/3 "extract of a letter from an Officer to his Brother" relating to visit to Wanagoa [copy] 1833;
/4 Thomas King: Bay of Islands: relating to money 1833;
/5 Sampson Stanell Sealy: Windsor near Sydney NSW: relating to money sent from mother in Ireland 1837;
/6 W. Mitchell: Swan River Settlement, Western Australia: relating to work 1837;
/7 A. Kennedy: manager, New Zealand banking company: Auckland 1843;
/8 Joseph Moule, for Heale, Sinclair & Co.: Auckland: shipping agency 1843;
/9/1-3 R. Davies: colonial chaplain: Norfolk Plains, Van Diemens Land: enclosing duplicate copies of medical certificate for Rev. James Baumann, CMS missionary, Benares [also mentions Mr. Gell, principal of college at Hobarts [T]own who has sent specimens of natural history for the museum at Basle] 1843;
/10 James Kemp; Keri Keri: relating to behaviour of James Shepherd 1843;
/11 Robert Schultz: River Thames, New Zealand: relating to money to go to James Preece 1843;
/12 H. E. Hanley: Russell, Bay of Islands: advice of bill 1844;
/13 Gregory Bateman: chaplain, Oatlands, Van Diemens Land: SPG missionary: relating to actions of bishop of Tasmania and desire of Bateman to work as missionary in Port Lincoln, South Australia (gives resume of life including as headmaster of Goudhurst Grammar School, Kent, England) 1844;
/14 Messrs. Brown & Campbell: Auckland: relating to bill of lading 1845;
/15-16 Thomas Addeman: Providence, R[hode] I[sland], United States: relating to bill signed by W. Puckey to the order of John Bedggood to be sent to Daniel Sandbatch, Manchester, England 1845-46;
/17 Sampson Kempthorne: Auckland 1846;
/18 Henry Govett: Waikanae: report of Kapiti district for 1846;
/19 Robert A FitzGerald: Auckland [covering note for printed items sent] 1848;
/20 Patrick Nuckley: Auckland: servant to Dr. Daniel Pollen of Auckland: memorial relating to remuneration for attending James Stack during illness and Charles Lucas Reay during last illness 1848;
/21-23 Messrs. Bethune & Hunter: Wellington: shipping agents 1849, 1851-52;
/24 Sir William Martin: Auckland: relating to W. C. Dudley 1854;
/25 A member of the Church of England: Auckland: sends paper [not present] relating to action of government against CMS mission in New Zealand 1854;
/26 Sir William Martin: Auckland: relating to institution at Taurarua 1861;
/27 Henry H. Brown: New Plymouth: complaining of CMS press being used for printing political pamphlets [formerly vicar of Burton Pedwardine and rector of Howell near Sleaford, Lincolnshire] [with copy] 1861;
/28 Medical certificate for Mr. Ireland, schoolmaster at Waimate: Richard Day M.d 1862;
/29-30 Henry H. Brown: Taranaki: relating to error of CMS in interfering in politics; encloses copy of 1861 letter [/27] 1862 [see also O16/6];
/31-32 Henry H. Brown: Taranaki: replies to letter from CMS headquarters [as in /29] 1862;
/33-34 James Davis; (son of Richard Davis): Waimate: relating to need for pastoral care of Maoris in the district 1865;
/35 John Frederic Lloyd: archdeacon of Waimate: sends resolution from synod relating to appointment of Bishop Selwyn 1868;
/36 Sir William Martin: Lichfield, England: statement relating to St. Stephen's School [developed by Bishop Selwyn] and proposed development of ordination training for Maoris 1875;
/37 Arthur W. Fisher: CRE Hut, Curragh Camp, Ireland: refers to appeal from George Vesey Stewart to CMS for funds for erecting churches at Kati Kati; encloses /38 1877;
/38 W. Edward Mulgan; episcopal chaplain: Rereatakahia, Kati Kati: letter to Stewart 1877;
/39 Charles Jordan; The Parsonage, Tauranga: relating to work; asks for continuation of grant 1878
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