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TitleBurrows, Rev. Robert
Extent417 docs.
DescriptionSecretary to Northern District 1843-1861; secretary to New Zealand mission 1858-1880; secretary to Central Committee 1855-1856; secretary to missionaries' conference 1863-1877; secretary to Land Committee 1856; Secretary to Central Land Board 1873-1875: Kororareka, Bay of Islands 1842-1843; Waimate 1844-1851; Paihia 1852; Auckland 1853-1880: Includes: /1-401 Letters 1839, 1842-80;
/20 Includes minutes of half-yearly meeting held at Kororareka Jan 1844;
/22 Includes minutes of special meeting held at the Waimate Feb 1844;
/51-52 Copy of letter from Henry Williams to Burrows 1847 with reply of Burrows both relating to Mr. James Shepherd and proposed alteration to his salary 1847;
/53 Relating to James Shepherd's salary 1847;
/54 Relating to land question 1847;
/83 Copy of letter from Robert Vidal 1855;
/84 List of books, papers and documents delivered to Robert Burrows by Robert Vidal as secretary of Central Committee 1855;
/104 Copy of letter from James Preece to Northern District Committee relating to retiring allowance 1856;
/107 Schedule of lands belonging to CMS 1857;
/109 Memorandum of removal expenses of T. S. Grace and family from T[a]uranga to Auckland and from Auckland to Matamata and Taupo 1853-55;
/115 Copies of correspondence with Christopher P. Davies with medical certificate 1857;
/122 Corrected estimate for Northern District for 1858;
/124 Copy of correspondence with bishop of New Zealand 1858, copy of letter from Charles Baker relating to location at Tauranga 1858;
/127 Includes minutes of supplementary meeting held at Auckland Jan 1858;
/128 Includes financial report on land 1858 [see also /179];
/131 Survey of work in Northern District 1858;
/141 Letter from Charles Baker to R. Burrows relating to location 1859;
/147 Copy of letter to Governor Colonel T. Gore Browne relating to land matters 1859;
/153 Account of journey with bishop of Waiapu throught the Waiapu diocese1860;
/164,168-170 Relating to J. A. Wilson 1861;
/172 Copies of letters addressed to Governor Browne by Wiremu Kingi, Rangitake 1861;
/173 Letter from R. Burrows to J. A.Wilson 1861;
/179 Summary of accounts of rents etC. of CMS property 1861;
/192 Copy of letter from G. A. Kissling 1862;
/195 Includes corrected estimates for Northern and Middle Districts 1863;
/199 Includes summary of accounts of rents etc. Jul 1861 - Dec 1862;
/219 Copy of letter from executors of Richard Davis 1864;
/221-222 Copy of letters between minister of Colonial Defence and R. Burrows relating to land at Maraetai 1864;
/232-233 Copy of letter from bishop of Waiapu relating to Tauranga property 1864; with R. Burrows' reply 1864;
/255 Memorandum on 'the affairs of the CMS in this island' by Sir W. Martin [copy: see also C N O9/7] 1868;
/256 Account of rents received by CMS 1865;
/257 Accounts of rents received for Southern District 1864-67;
/325 Copy of letter to B. Y. Ashwell 1871;
/329 Copy of letter from James Kemp relating to rent of store at Kerikeri 1871;
/342 Summary of receipts and expenditure of rents in Northern District 1871-72;
/343 Summary of receipts and expenditure of rents from property in Tauranga 1871-72;
/355A Encloses [/355B] extracts from Act relating to property held for religious, charitable or educational purposes in New Zealand 20 Vict. no.21 1856;
/359 Copy of comments by T. S. Grace relating to location of additional missionary at Tauranga 1875;
/361 Newspaper cutting: account of ordination as deacons of Meinata te Hara, Matthew Kapa and Alexander Wharemu 1875;
/373 Includes copy of letter from Rev. S. Williams Te Aute 1876;
/375 Note relating to property at Tauranga [1878];
/376 Summary of rents and interest account for CMS and land fund 1877;
/379B Statistics for native pastors, including names, stations, source of stipends 1877;
/400 Summary of receipts and expenditure of rents interest 1879 and total receipts and disbursements for land for 1873-79;
/402-404 Journals 3 Mar - 31 Dec 1845;
/405-415 Reports 1842, 1845-47, 1849-52;
/416-417 Annual letters for 1856, 1871
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