Finding Number (Click this to view full catalogue structure)CMS/B/OMS/C N O45/1-69
TitleGrace, Rev. Thomas Samuel
Extent69 docs.
DescriptionTauranga 1852; Taupo 1864-1867, 1870-1874; England (on leave) 1875-1876; Auckland 1877; Tauranga 1877-1879: Includes: /1-61 Letters 1852, 1864-67, 1870-79; /1 Asks for Mr. Downes of Derbyshire to come to help 1852;
/7-9 Relating to murder of C. S. Volkner 1865;
/10C List of principal native villages in Taupo district giving churches and native teachers 1865;
/12 Relating to trial of Volkner's alleged murderers 1866;
/15 Views on relationship of missionaries with ecclesiastical authorities and the development of the native pastorate 1866;
/17-18 Letters from Mrs. Agnes Grace 1867;
/23B-C Copies of letters from Colonial Secretary's office relating to compensation for losses 1869-70;
/23D-F Newspaper cuttings:
/23D Report of select committee on claims for compensation for losses sustained in war 1867;
/23E St. Saviours Alexandra church meeting 1871;
/23F Te Awamutu 1871;
/26A Letter from Mrs. Agnes Grace enclosing 26B;
/26B Copy of letter from T. S. Grace to Sir George Bowen, governor, asking for clemency for Kereopa 1871;
/30B Copy of letter from Te Raimona Petera to T. S. Grace junior 1874;
/32 Views on state of Maoris and the needs of missionary work 1875;
/33 Note relating to Gisborne school (Turanganui) 1875 and extract relating to Maoris letter from son T. S. Grace 1876;
/36B Letter from A. C. Soutar, Opotiki relating to memorial church and tablet for C. S. Volkner 1875;
/38A Letter from Mrs. Agnes Grace enclosing 38B-C;
/38B-C Letter from Mrs. E. A. Mules with donation for school supplies and list of purchases 1876;
/39 Relating to episcopacy and need for native bishop 1877;
/41-43,45-46 Relating to possibility of working amongst the Kingite Maoris 1877;
/42,46 Copies of correspondence with bishop of Auckland 1877;
/44 Letter from Mrs. Agnes Grace 1877;
/50B Extract of letter from eldest son relating to Gisborne 1878;
/57 Includes reference to compensation for plundering of Pukawa mission house in Jan 1865, paid 1878;
/62 Report relating to Taupo and Matata for 1864;
/63-67 Annual letters for 1870-74;
/63B-C Translations of letters from Te Poihipi and Te Reweti 1870;
/68-69 Copies of letters from W. Gisborne and Geo. Safford, Colonial Secretary's Office, Wellington, relating to mitigation of sentences imposed on Maori prisoners [Mr. and Mrs. Grace had interceded for them] 1867
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