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TitleKissling, Rev. George Adam
Extent103 docs.
DescriptionHicks Bay 1843-1846; Kohi Marama Bishop Auckland 1846-1847; Purewa Bishop Auckland 1848-1849; Ruareoreo Auckland 1850-1851; Auckland 1852-1865 (St. Barnabas 1852-1854, St. Stephen 1854-1865): Includes: /1-90 Letters [including as acting secretary to Eastern District 1846 and secretary to Central Committee 1850 (before Vidal arrived)] 1842, 1844-56, 1860-65;
/8 Joint letter from James Stack and Kissling as secretary and chairman of Eastern District 1844;
/13 Relating to need for schools (comparing missionary methods in New Zealand and Sierra Leone) 1846;
/14 Medical certificate and copy of letter from bishop of New Zealand 1846;
/15 Draft letter to secretary of Northern District relating to need for schools and unified action from New Zealand missionaries 1846;
/17-18 Relating to illness of James Stack 1846;
/21 Includes reference to S. Kempthorne 1848;
/23 Includes reference to high church practices in Auckland 1848;
/25 Includes reference to Mrs. Reay 1848;
/29 "principles on which Mr. & Mrs. Kissling are prepared to undertake the contemplated Institution for native girls at Taurarua" 1849;
/30 Includes copies of correspondence with Dr. Pollen relating to Mrs. Reay 1849;
/33 Includes copies of correspondence with Governor Sir George Grey relating to possible government help for industrial school system 1849;
/37 From Mrs. Margaret Kissling relating to girls' school 1850;
/40 Copies of correspondence between Kissling, bishop of New Zealand and Governor Sir George Grey relating to Aboriginal Female Institution at Taurarua 1850;
/41 Encloses copy of letter to Archdeacon Henry Williams 1850;
/43B Propositions [letter missing ] relating to missionary language study and journal writing 1850;
/46 Encloses account of formation of Australasian Board of Missions 1850;
/52-53 Letters relating to resignation 1853;
/71-72 From Mrs. Margaret Kissling 1861;
/77 Relating to George Maunsell 1861;
/88 From Mrs. Margaret Kissling relating to husband's death 1865;
/89-90 Fragments of letter to archdeacon --[?] from Mrs. Margaret Kissling and Mrs. Mary Jane Chapman [sisters née Moxon] relating to death of archdeacon's wife nd;
/91-96 Reports 1843-45, 1852-54;
/96B Includes account for St. Stephen's school and list of scholars 1854;
/97-103 Annual letters for 1857-59, 1861-64:
/98 Includes fourth annual report of the Church of England Board for native education in the Northern Division [Kissling Hon. SeC. & Treasurer]
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