Finding Number (Click this to view full catalogue structure)CMS/B/OMS/C N O89/1-214
TitleVidal, Robert
Extent214 docs.
DescriptionSecretary to Central Committee 1850-1855; Auckland 1850-1856: Includes: /1-214 Letters 1850-56, with accompanying papers;
/3 Duplicate copy of minutes 5 Sep 1850;
/8 Resolutions at meeting to establish Australian Board of Missions 1850;
/18 Letter from G. A. Kissling with copy of letter to Kissling from Bishop Selwyn of New Zealand relating to co-operation in mission work 1851;
/22-23 Letters from G. A. Kissling relating to building of Institution for native teachers at Tauranga with grant from Jubilee Fund 1851;
/29-38 Accompanying papers for 11 Feb 1852 meeting including correspondence with Henry Churton of Wanganui 1852 [/30]; reports from R. Maunsell [/31] (Waikato Heads) and James Preece [/32]; report on property [/33]; letter from Charles Baker relating to location [/34]; letter from Carl Sylvius Volkner offering as a missionary [/35]; annual reports from b Y. Ashwell [/36], C. P. Davies [/37], G. A. Kissling [/38];
/43-44 Copies of correspondence with colonial government relating to damage done by troops to CMS property at the Waimate 1851;
/50,52-55 Copies of correspondence between Charles Baker, William Williams and T. S. Grace relating to trouble between Grace and other missionaries over supplies bought from Maoris for the Native Institution at Tauranga 1852;
/51 Copy of memorial to bishop of New Zealand from Europeans at Poverty Bay 1852;
/57 Copy of correspondence with John Telford relating to accounts 1852;
/59 Includes copy of letter from William Morris, Hawks Bay, to T. S. Grace 1850;
/62 List of all CMS missionaries in New Zealand with full names and dates of birth of all their children under the age of 15 [no dates of birth for Archdeacon W. Williams' children] 1852;
/63 CMS account for New Zealand 1851;
/69-103 Accompanying papers for meeting of 2 Mar 1853 including:
/71 Letter from John Morgan to Thomas Chapman, secretary to Middle District 1852;
/73,82 Relating to Fairburn's land at Otahuhu 1852;
/74 Reports from A. N. Brown, T. Chapman, C. P. Davies, R. Maunsell, b Y. Ashwell, S. M. Spencer, J. Preece, J. A Wilson 1852;
/81 Remarks by bishop of New Zealand on report of meeting of Central Committee Feb 1852;
/85 Copy of letter from Octavius Hadfield 1852;
/86 Copy of letter from Edward Williams, Waimate 1853;
/92 Copy of letter from W. G. Puckey 1853;
/100 Copy of letter from John Morgan and remarks against grant for erection of chapel at Otawhao 1853;
/102 Waimate farm and school accounts for 1852;
/103 Report by Octavius Hadfield 1852;
/113 Copy of memorandum by Governor Sir George Grey relating to division of New Zealand into educational districts 1853;
/114 Copy of letter from Charles Baker 1853;
/115 Relating to C. P. Davies 1853;
/124 Relating to Rev. Ralph Barker (suspension as missionary) 1853;
/129 Copy of letter from Octavius Hadfield 1853;
/131 Copy of correspondence with William Colenso 1853;
/134-155 Accompanying papers for meeting of 20 Feb 1854 including:
/134 Report of James Hamlin 1853;
/147 Correspondence with John Telford 1854;
/154 Copy of letter from Ralph and M. A. Barker 1854;
/155 Report on native claims to CMS estate at Hauraki 1854;
/173 Copy of correspondence with T. S. Grace relating to expense of commencing station at Taupo [Vidal signs as secretary of New Zealand mission] 1854;
/174 Letter from George Clarke 1854;
/182 Extract of letter from John Morgan relating to land at Otawhao 1855;
/183-196 Accompanying papers for meetings of Apr and Jul 1854 [passed by correspondence] including:
/196 Expenses account for Rev. W. C. Dudley 1854;
/200 Case before attorney-general relating to New Zealand property trust deed 1855;
/209 Account of rents received from CMS New Zealand 1855
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