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TitleWilliams, Rev. Henry
Extent231 docs.
DescriptionChairman of Northern District 1846-1861; chairman of Southern District 1840-1845; chairman of Central Committee 1848: Marsden's Vale, Paihia 1823-1850; Pakaraka 1850-1855; Paihia 1856-1861: Includes: /1-184 Letters 1823-50, 1853, 1855-56, 1859;
/16 Note from Captain Peter Dillion, East India Company 'Research', relating to sale of kentledge 1827;
/29 Includes copies of correspondence with Captain Robert Duke 1827;
/38 Correspondence and resolutions passed in committee relating to the 'Karere', including account by William Lewington, master, of work done following her launching and opinion of Mr. Mair, former master of the 'Herald' and builder of the 'Karere' 1832;
/51-53 Copy of correspondence with William White, Wesleyan missionary, relating to occupation of Waipa as Wesleyan mission station 1834;
/67 Includes copy of letter from George Clarke, secretary to Northern District 1838;
/78 Includes copy of letter from N. Broughton "as from CM H[ouse (London)] Novr 39" relating to purchase of land by missionaries 1839;
/86A Extract of letter from Bishop Pompallier, vicar apostolic of New Zealand [?1840];
/86B Observation on letter from Bishop Pompallier 1840;
/96 Copy of letter from Rev. J. Hobbs, Mangungu, Hokianga 1840;
/101 Encloses return of land purchased for his children 1843;
/116 Copies of correspondence with Thomas Beckham, police magistrate Kororareke, Captian Fitzroy, governor, and the bishop of New Zealand relating to disturbances at Kororareke including reference to behaviour of Lieut. Philpot of HM 'Hazard' and the crew 1845;
/117 Copy of letter from Bishop Pompallier to Honi Heke, Kororareke 1845;
/118 Copy of letter from Thomas Seaward, visiting secretary, Prayer Book and Homily Society, London 1845;
/119 Copy of reply from Governor FitzRoy relating to Lieut. Philpot 1845;
/124 Includes copies of correspondence with bishop of New Zealand 1845;
/132 Letter from R. Burrows 1846;
/135 Includes copies of correspondence between Williams and Kawiti, chief of Ruapekapeka 1845;
/139-140 Includes copies of correspondence with James Bushy of Waitangi and the colonial government relating to allegations that Maoris fighting against the government belonged to the CMS mission 1847;
/149 Copy of letter from Williams to Captain Grey, governor, relating to relationships between Maoris and colonists 1847;
/150-151 Includes copies of correspondence with bishop of New Zealand relating to land claims 1847;
/154 Copy of correspondence with Hon. A. Sinclair, Colonial Secretary's Office relating to Maori land 1848;
/166B Remarks explanatory of pledge given by bishop to investigate charges against Williams made by Governor Grey 1849;
/177 Copy of letter from Colonial Secretary 1850;
/182 Copies of correspondence between Williams and secretary of CMS Land Committee [R. Burrows] relating to land at Paihia 1856;
/185-207 Journals: Oct 1826 - Nov 1828; Apr - May 1829; Mar 1830 - Apr 1834; Oct 1834 - Mar 1835; Oct 1839 - Jan 1840;
[/207 - 1839-1840 - is of particular significance and importance to the early history of New Zealand in the detail it provides - ex inf a researcher, 11/9/2015]
/208-223 Reports 1833-43, 1845-47, 1855-1856;
/224-229 Annual letters for 1856-59, 1861;
/230 Estimate for Paihia estate 1836;
/231 Return of lands purchased on CMS account in Paihia and district 1823-35 [compiled 1843]
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