Finding Number (Click this to view full catalogue structure)CMS/B/OMS/G3 P L11
TitleLetter-book: 11 February 1896 - 4 December 1903
Extent1 vol.
pp.169-170 Instructions to missionaries [printed] 1897;
pp.237-238 Memorandum on women's department with outline scheme for report on conditions of women and CMS women's work in Palestine [printed] 1898;
p.368 Cross reference to Sierra Leone letter-book page 628 [G3 A1 L12] 1899;
pp.406-407 Circular from Female Education Society to its missionaries and supporters relating to taking over of their work by CMS following death of their Secretary, Miss Webb; circular to former FES missionaries from CMS Secretaries 1899;
p.504 For letter to Dr. F. Johnson see Sierra Leone Letter-book [G3 A1 L12] 1900;
p.585 Memorandum relating to Miss M. M. O. Savinon 1900;
p.614 Rules for women's conference [printed] 1901;
p.709 Memorandum on the organization of the Palestine mission [printed] 1901;
p.838 Letter to missionaries engaged in educational work [printed] 1902;
p.866A Regulations for church council and pastorate committees [printed: proof copy] 1903;
p.882 Amended rules for women's conference [printed] 1901 [sic]
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