Finding Number (Click this to view full catalogue structure)CMS/B/OMS/C PE L1
TitleLetter-book: 10 March 1876 - 31 January 1893: index of names
Extent1 vol.
DescriptionIncludes inserted papers: p.23/4 Circular relating to estimates 1878;
p.66 Note 'for paragraphs 1 to 10 see Financial letter book page 93' [missing] 1879;
p.116 Copy of letter to Secretary from Lt. Col. W. Tweedie, Baghdad 1882;
p.136 Copy of letter from Philip V. Smith with legal opinion answering query by R. Bruce relating to persons marrying where one partner, already married, has been deserted for seven years or more 1883;
p.139 Copy of letter from Thomas R. Hodgson, Jabalpur relating to medical unfitness for transfer to Baghdad 1883;
p.170 Copy of letter from Foreign Office relating to closing of CMS school in Baghdad 1883;
p.196 Extract of letter from Rev. F. Bellamy relating to circulation of Mizan-ul-Haqq in Turkish Empire 1883;
p.209 Copy of letter from Bishop Vincent Ryan with relating to letter from David Fenn 1855 in Mauritius 1884;
p.210 Copy of letter from Samuel Jessup, American Press, Beirut 1884;
pp.228-232 Letter to Bruce relating to doctrinal views of E. F. Hoernle particularly relating to Atonement and authority of Scripture 1884;
p.246 Copy of letter from Rev. John Sharp, Bible Society relating to sharing with CMS services and salary of Rev. T. R. Hodgson at Baghdad 1884;
p.295 Copy of letter from P. V. Smith with legal opinion relating to Khargain land case 1886;
p.315-6 General Conference on Foreign Missions: London: 9 - 19 Jun 1888: letter from committee to all Protestant missionaries [printed] 1888;
p.339-40 Circular relating to biographies of native Christians presented for ordination (duplicated) 1889;
p.348 Copy of letter from Foreign Office relating to closing of Mr. Hodgson's school in Baghdad 1889;
p.349 Copy of letter from solicitors Bridges, Sawtell, Heywood & Co. relating to Mr. Lynch's house at Baghdad 1889;
p.351-52 Circular letter referring to distribution of Bishop Ryle's tract on the Lord's Supper 1889;
p.378 Copy of letter from Stephen Lynch [49 Cleveland Square, Hyde Park] relating to house in Baghdad 1890;
p.390 Copy of letter from Marcus Eustace, Busreh 1890;
p.399-400 Keswick letter [with appeal for a thousand missionaries] and covering circular letter and resolution of Committee of Correspondence [printed] 1890; p.412 Copy of letter from Miss R. A. Webb, secretary, Female Education Society, reference to allowance for Mrs. Aidinyantz 1890;
pp.423-425 Copies of correspondence between Charles Harvey Stileman and the British consul at Baghdad relating to registration of Protestant community 1891; p.477 Copy of letter from Lieut. H. J. Coningham, Leinster regiment [Bombay] offering to take photographs of mission work 1891;
pp.519-523 Copies of letters from American Board of Commissioners for Foreign Missions 1881-82[sic]
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