Finding Number (Click this to view full catalogue structure)CMS/B/OMS/C W L2
TitleLetter-book: 14 October 1834 - 1 August 1839: index of names
Extent1 vol.
DescriptionIncludes: pp.62-66 Letters to Rev. C. P. Farrar and Rev. H. Jeffrey [West India: should be in C I13 L2] 1835;
p.67 Note that letters to Rev. H. Bernau, Rev. R. Panton and Rev. L. Strong were pasted in the West India letter-book [C I3 L2];
p.272 Note 'Instructions to Messrs. Joseph Williams and T. S. McAuthur proceeding to Trinidad, delivered 25 Oct 1836 entered in W. Africa Letter book' [C A1 L3, p.63];
p.473 Letter to Rev. C. A. Heurtley of Wardington, near Banbury England relating to circular about William Yate, 5 Oct 1838 [should be in Home letter-book (G AC1)]
Access StatusOpen