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TitleYoud, Thomas B.
Extent52 docs.
Description[Deacon 1836]: British Guiana: Bartica Point 1833-1835; Grove 1835-1837; Journey to interior 1838
/1-26 Letters 1833-1842 including:
/16 Order for supplies, including sample of cloth and diagrams of knife and fishhooks [see O14/37];
/23 Gives account of mission to the interior and information relating to Anglo-Venezuelan boundary; Urwa chosen as mission station; note by J. H. Bernau; copy of authority given to Yates to teach as missionary in Southern Guiana; copies of correspondence with governor of Santerem 1839;
/24 Written from Arrisaru mountains 1840;
/27-28 Copies of letter to governor of British Guiana relating to establishment of mission in interior and disputed Anglo-Venezuelan boundary 1840;
/29 Note from secretary of Corresponding Committee enclosing Youd's journal 1839;
/30-49 Journals: 1833 Apr-Dec; Jan-Dec 1834; Jan-Dec 1835; Jan-Mar, Nov-Dec 1836; Jan-Jun, Aug-Sep 1837; Apr-Sep 1838 [journey to interior, Warreputa, Pirara and the Savannah, part of the time with Robert Schomburgk]; Mar-Sep, Dec 1839; Jan-Mar 1840; Apr-Aug 1841;
/50 Letter book 1836 including: visit of bishop of Barbados to Bartica and account of mission there; account of Macushi mission;
/51 Examples of writing exercises of Indian youths 1835;
/52 Caribu word list and grammar notes, including folk tale [watermark 1831] circa 1840
Notes/52 A high resolution TIFF copy of the 'Caribu' manuscript was created by Cadbury Research Library in February 2020 for a reprographics order. The digital file is held on the departmental R drive and this digital surrogate will be used for any future requests for copies.
Access StatusOpen
Physical Description/18 inadvertently omitted in numbering


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