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TitleBernau, Rev. John Henry
Extent56 docs.
DescriptionBritish Guiana: New Amsterdam 1835; Berbice 1836; Bartica Grove 1837-1848; Barbados 1849; British Guiana: Georgetown, Demerara 1850; Bartica Grove 1850-1853
/1-49 Letters and journals 1835-1845, 1847-1853 including:
/2 Discusses doctrines taught in West Indies and opinion of the bishop, refers to London Missionary Society 1835 [see full copy in mission book: W/M3 p.121];
/8 Berbice divided into eight parishes [pp.5-8 missing]: see full copy: W/M3 p.283] 1836;
/11 Includes description of Indians in Corantyne river district 1836 [pp.9-12 missing: see full copy: W/M3 p.504];
/12 Includes footnote by W. B. Pollard 1837;
/19 Discusses situation of mission in relation to bishop 1839;
/23 School for girls begun 1841;
/28-29 Relating to Polhill's mission with [/29] copies of letters from schoolboys; refers to relationship of bishop and CMS 1843-1844;
/32 Death of wife 1845;
/44 Relating to proposed mission to interior 1851;

/50 Meeting of inhabitants of district held on plantation Alness to consider establishing church at Achlyne plantation to be called the lower Corantyne church establishment: copy of minutes, remarks, ground plan and elevation of proposed clergyman's house and map of Corantyne coast 1835;
/51 Anonymous petition to Bernau from crew member of 'Spey' of London asking for book on predestination 1835;
/52 Timetable of Bartica Grove school 1838;
/53 Letter to bishop of Guiana from government secretary and letter from Bernau to bishop relating to acts of aggression near Pirara by alleged Brazilian 1843;
/54,55 Letter to bishop of Guiana asking him to license Rev. Richard Woodman to perform Bernau's duties during absence in Europe 1845; answer from bishop 1846;
/56 Medical certificate 1852
Access StatusOpen
Physical DescriptionNote: /2, /8, /11 were missing May 1981


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