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TitleDawes, William
Extent138 docs.
DescriptionFormer governor of Sierra Leone: Printer, editor of 'The Journal' [ended Jan 1820]; Dispenser, store-keeper and druggist [closed down Dec 1821]: CMS superintendent in West Indies: Antigua 1820-1832 with visit to Roseau (Dominica) and Kingstown (St. Vincent) 1823

/1-118 Letters 1820-1832 including many relating to controversy between Anglicans and Methodists including:
/1 Includes journal extracts: 14 Nov 1819 - 19 Feb 1820 and journal extracts of Charles Thwaites: 1 Nov 1819 - 30 Jan 1820 [see O85];
/2 Refers to report of The Female Refuge Society and extract from paper read at half-yearly meeting of The Distressed Females Friend Society 1820;
/3 Includes extracts from journal of Charles Thwaites: 1 Feb-31 Mar 1820;
/5 Includes journal extracts 1820;
/7 Query relating to relationship of schools with denominations other than Church of England 1820;
/8 Account of cures made by Dawes in Sierra Leone in 1801, during absence of doctors, by use of bark and opium [with printed copy] 1820;
/27 Announcing formation of Dominica Auxiliary CMS Society [with printed prospectus: see O3b/3] 1823;
/28 Relating to appointing school teachers for Dominica 1823;
/29 Letters to used for cypher 1823;
/30 Key to cypher 1823;
/38 Gives table of general view of CMS supported schools 1823; remarks relating to character of Mr. Curtin 1823;
/39 Includes copies of correspondence with T. Edwards and G. S. Martin relating to school at Golden Grove, St. John's 1823;
/40 Encloses cuttings from 'The Weekly Register' relating to destruction of Bridge Town chapel by mob demonstrating against Methodists 1823;
/42 Includes copy of letter to Lady Grey and copy of letter from Thomas Prizgar 1824;
/49 Includes copy of letter from Joseph Battersby 1824;
/55 Includes copy of letter from Mrs. Anne Gilbert 1825;
/63 Includes table of attendance on the schools and journal extracts 1825;
/67 State of clergy before schools were begun; also relations with Methodists 1825;
/72 Orders Cambridge prayer books 1826;
/80 Letter from J. Elliott to headquarters per John Gilbert, offering as schoolmaster 1826;
/88 Includes copies of correspondence between Dawes, C. Thwaites and Thomas Parry, Archdeacon of Antigua 1827;
/89b Cutting from 'Antigua Free Press' relating to C. Thwaites 1827;
/110 Ground plan of CMS property and Wesleyan chapel 1829;
/114 Includes copy of letters from Ladies' Society London relating to premises at Bridge Town and Willoughby Bay 1830;

/119 Letter from J. H. Simpson of Antigua offering to CMS as schoolmaster in Africa 1826;
/120 Letters [as /119] from Samuel Barnard 1826;
/121 Copy of letter from governor to Dawes relating to schools in Antigua with Dawes' reply 1823
/122-134 Journals and journal extracts: 31 Jul 1820 - Dec 1823; Jan-Mar 1825;
/122 Covering sheet only;
/123 Journal extracts: C. Thwaites Apr-Sep 1820 [see also /1, 5]
/135 Table of attendance on schools: Jul-Dec 1823 [see also /123-134];
/136 Return of CMS schools in Western division of Antigua and at Cedar Grove, Hope, Sion Hill and Bethesda Sunday schools in St. Philip's and St. Paul's; gives number of scholars, estates, owners etc. 1825;
/137 Letter form Roseau with account of expenses on tour among West Indies islands, including list of medicines 1823;
/138 Sterling account and sketch of currency account 1824
Access StatusOpen
Physical DescriptionNote: /27 was missing May 1981
CopiesAvailable on microfilm and online.


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