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TitlePanton, Richard
Extent93 docs.
DescriptionSecretary to Jamaica Auxiliary CMS Society 1834-1840: Jamaica: Bath (St. Thomas in the East) 1832-1845
/1-72 Letters 1834-1843, 1845 including:
/7-8 Relating to price of slaves 1835;
/25 Relating to enquiry by Sir Lionel Smith and Council of Jamaica refers to action of Corresponding Committee relating to erection of schoolhouse at Moore Town 1837;
/54 Including list of schoolmaster and stations 1841;

/73-77 Correspondence with Samuel Holt including reference to Holt's resignation Jan-Mar 1840;
/78 Hints to deputation [see /25] 1837;
/79 Memorandum relating to missionaries and catechists 1840;
/80 Copy of circular to missionaries and catechists, with their replies and Panton's remarks 1840;

/81-84 Letters from:
/81 Rev. R. Forbes 1836;
/82 J. Stainsby [copy] 1839;
/83 V. P. P. Douet 1840
/84 J. H. Tomlinson [copy] 1841;

/85 Copy of correspondence with Thomas McCornock 1832;

/86-92 Copies of letters to:
/86 Rev. C. T. May 1836;
/87 D. Seddon 1836;
/88 Bishop of Jamaica relating to retirement of Rev. C. L. F. Haensel and his replacement 1837;
/89 Rev. H. S. Yates 1839;
/90 Mr. Harris, Paul Island 1840;
/91 William Manning 1840;
/92 H. Taylor 1840;

/93 Copy of letter from Panton, Joseph Williams and John King to Rev. J. F. Sessing relating to state of station [Birnam Wood] 1840
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