Finding Number (Click this to view full catalogue structure)CMS/B/OMS/C W O3A
Extent28 docs
Description/1-2 Annual reports and proceedings 1828-1830 [printed] 1830;
/3 Rules 1830;

/4-28 Correspondence and minutes 1829-1836 including:
/6 Minutes of meeting relating to Mr. Sharpe, catechist at Accompong 1830;
/8 Letter from Mr. Sharpe 1830;
/10-11 Letter to governor relating to Sharpe 1830;
/12 Minutes of quarterly meeting Jul 1830;
/15 New rules [draft] 1830;
/16 Draft of declaration signed by catechist prior to obtaining licence 1830;
/17 Draft copy of agreement made between immigrants and employers 1830;
/19 Report of sub-committee and copies of correspondence relating to negotiations for use of St. George's chapel Kingston 1830;
/23 Extract from minutes 1834;
/25-26 Questions to clergy, ministers and teachers, and answers of CMS relating to statistics of mission etc. [1834];
/27 Advertisement for Appleton and Bonavista missionary stations 1836;
/28 Regulations under which teachers of CMS will be licensed in Jamaica diocese 1828
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