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TitleMiscellaneous letters 1821-1949
Extent1 file
DescriptionPredominantly incoming correspondence, dated 1821-1880, 1921, 1933-1941 and 1949. Including:
1822 R. L. Melville concerning the relationship between CMS and the Bishop of Calcutta;
1825 relating to Professor [Samuel] Lee of Cambridge [Orientalist]; offer of service from Reverend J. Blackley;
1849 Rufus Anderson concerning Ahmednagar Mission;
1863 C. F. Schlienz, St Chrischona, proposing Feinauer as a candidate for West Africa and giving news of missionaries;
1866 J. T. Tucker concerning Long Bredy school [see CMS/G/Y/I 2/1/6];
1880 Ludwig Krapf regarding translation work;
1932-1933 correspondence with the Archbishop of Rupertsland with reference to financial troubles following the bankruptcy of [law firm] Machray and Sharpe that had resulted in losses in diocesan funds;
1933 Rev[erend] Dr H. U. W. Stanton, London, concerning St John's Divinity School, Lahore;
1933 to the Bishop of Salisbury concerning Evangelistic missions in England and Ireland led by Bishop Linton;
1933 to Bishop Woods regarding the formation of a diocese of Sudan; letter to W. E. Mills of Sudan United Mission regarding work in Nuba Mountains;
1933 Archbishop of Rupertsland concerning CMS trust funds in Rupertsland Diocese;
1934 Dr J. Williams, 36 Cantonment Road, Lucknow, enclosing an open letter from Epiphany Church Committee concerning the sale of CMS property in Lucknow;
1934 J. E. Wilson, Coventry, concerning CMS and SPG;
1935 Bishop of Uganda [C. E. Stuart] concerning the Bishop Hannington Memorial Fund;
1937 Address of loyalty to King George VI on his accession, and answer, dated January;
1939 private letter from C. E. Tyndale-Biscoe, Srinagar, to [William Wilson] Cash concerning events in Kashmir 'I think that if we thought more of introducing disciples to our Master rather than to gain adherents to the Church far fewer mistakes would be made';
1939 correspondence with Sydney H. Tubbs, Eastbourne, concerning the appointment of his son, Kingsley Tubbs, as CMS Treasurer;
1940 Edward Norton, Trinity College, Chungan, Fukien, describing the local situation and enclosing circular letters;
1941 correspondence, dated January, June, September, with Rev[erend] Arthur Taylor, vicar of St Bride's, relating to his use of rooms at CMS;
1941 notes, dated May, of correspondence with an architect concerning repairs at Salisbury Square;
1941 C. E. Tyndale-Biscoe, Srinagar, replying to a letter asking him to be a Vice-President, with anecdotes concerning the school;
1941 letter to J. Gurney Barclay relating to the position of English congregations in Japan vis-a-vis the dioceses;
1941 memorandum, dated October, by Rev[erend] G. J. Rogers on correspondence concerning Bishop Hudson's letter to members of SPG diocesan committees; copy of a letter from P. B. Richardson to Bishop Hudson referring to the relationship of the SPG, the Church and diocesan missionary committees;
1941 copy of a letter, dated November, from [William] Wilson Cash to [J. Gurney] Barclay thanking the CMS for his farewell gift;
1949 letter, dated August, from [Archdeacon] W[alter] S[tephen] Moule to the General Secretary, giving a brief account of his life, with a covering letter from G. H. Moule 24 August 1949.
ArrangementComprising items found loose and arranged as a single chronological sequence prior to deposit in Special Collections, University of Birmingham.
Access StatusOpen


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