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TitleIncoming correspondence from missionary societies in Europe and North America 1820-1866
Extent19 files
DescriptionLetters arranged in 12 sequences, dated 1820-1852 and 1866. Mainly from the Evangelical Missionary Society at Basel 1820-1850 but also including small sequences of correspondence from: Barmen Missionary Society 1826-1828; Pilgermission (Basel) 1838; American Board of Missions (Boston) 1820-1843; Evangelical Lutheran Missionary Society (Dresden) 1836-1838; Geneva Evangelical Society 1835-1836; Hamburg 1825-1836; Lausanne Evangelical Missionary Society 1836-1838; Society of Inquiry in the General Theological Seminary (New York) 1824; Society of Christian Morality (Paris) 1822 and Paris Evangelical Missionary Society 1823-1844; Protestant Episcopal Church of America (Philadelphia) 1820-1842 and Swedish Missionary Society (Stockholm) 1835-1838.

For office copies, see CMS/G/AC 18.
Arrangement/14B-H, J-M, Z are arranged alphabetically according to the location of the society's headquarters
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