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TitleLetter from Dr William Hoffmann, Basel
Extent1 item
DescriptionDated 16 October. Pfander and Kreiss have written from Calcutta that it is not financially viable to establish new mission stations in Central India (£400-£800 per year would be necessary) and wish to resign and offer themselves to CMS for work amongst Muslims; they have agreed preliminarily with the Calcutta Corresponding Committee that they would be placed where they could use their knowledge of Hindustani and where their acquaintance with Muslims could be used, that as their Lutheran ordination is valid they would not be required to take Anglican orders and that if their work prospered all their ministerial and pastoral work would be acknowledged but they would not object to episcopal confirmation and ordination of native catechists; asks that they may be accepted by CMS; raises delicate question of which Society should be responsible for repaying any special donations given to Pfander and Kreiss's work over the last year; notes that Pfander has also commented on the 'rigid ecclesiastical party' in Calcutta which has split the Corresponding Committee. Commends five of their missionaries Weigle, Ammann, Fritz, Miller and Mengert who are to have two months in London on their way to Mangalore; asks for his kindness, when booking their passage, to ensure that the contract covers not only meat and drink and conveyance but also 'deliverance of the passengers from the ill sport of the mariners under the line'; the last five were 'a little ill-treated by their captain'. Was astonished that Schlienz accompanied Coates to England; fears it may delay the recovery of his health though he appreciates why it was done.
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