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TitleLetter from Dr William Hoffmann, Basel
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DescriptionDated 8 June. Raises the disagreeable question of Hoernle at Agra and Pfander, Kreiss and Schneider [Lutheran orders]; the problem lies with ecclesiastical principles which cannot be decided on the mission field; the proposals of the bishop of Calcutta to escape the difficulties only 'diminish the difficulty of taking a clear view of the whole matter'; the 'trouble of conscience' lies in 'the supposition of their Lutheran ordination being not sufficient for accomplishing truly Christian ministerial acts. These four brethren feel in some degree bound by their previous labours in Armenia and Persia. They would not hesitate to solicit English orders if they were not ordained and had not exercised ministration by virtue of this ordination'; he has suggested they leave ministerial acts of an essentially ecclesiastical order to the ministers of the established church but fears they may not have 'spiritual strength enough for enduring a kind of disregard laying in the eyes of a Hindoo or a Mahomedan on the preacher who is prevented by law from exercising the full powers of ministry'. Asks how many candidates CMS is to ask for from Basel this year.
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