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TitleLetter from Dr William Hoffmann, Basel
Extent1 item
DescriptionDated 16 July. Thanks for advice about West Africa ands the climate of the West Indies; regrets that it arrived too late and their missionaries had already left by this bad route. Content to hear that no students are needed this summer. Replies to comments about their students' lack of English; they are as fully qualified as the earlier ones but the English bishop now requires more, which is reasonable; the amount of training undertaken by the students already covers German, Latin, Greek, Hebrew, English and Arabic or Sanscrit, divinity, Scriptures, history, geography, mathematics etc; half of them are talented but the others are of 'weaker endowments'; 'In England even artisans and tradesmen have more acquirements than in Germany and Switzerland. Low people here is taught writing and reading and a little cyphering till to the age of fourteen and afterwards nearly everything is forgot'; has considered therefore dividing the Seminary into two sections, candidates and students. Reports regarding B. Schmid and Fjellstedt. Agrees with Coates that the intended marriage of Krapf should not be in Shoa; Miss Rosina Dittrich will be a most suitable wife; hopes to have her outfit ready by the middle of August. Has received a very unsatisfactory letter from Muller.
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