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TitleLetter from Dr William Hoffmann, Basel
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DescriptionDated 6 February. Sympathises about financial difficulties; glad that Mr Humphrey's case was concluded satisfactorily. Agrees that 'a new epoch of missionary labours' requires higher qualifications; Lutheran churchmen are attacking them for 'not regarding the trifling difference between the Lutheran and Reformed Church and especially our connexion with your Society'; 'I hope the Lord will help us firmly to stay on the ground of broad evangelical principles'; it will not be possible to find suitable candidates every year. Leaves question of length of time spent by candidates in England to each individual case. Fjellstedt has begun his career as a travelling preacher for Basel. Considers that it would be cheaper if B. Schmid lived at Kornthal; 'he is like a centre of missionary information in middle Germany'; but he could do much work by correspondence and occasional travelling, which Basel would pay for. Gerber, in North America, is continually in debt. Asks for a donation for a fund for the widow of Mr Korck of Athens, who is 'struggling against indigence' by working as a teacher and seamstress. Weitbrecht's health is improved. Schlenker at Port Lokkoh wishes to marry again and Miss Harriet Dittrich would be suitable, she is a teacher at Kornthal aged 27.
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