Finding Number (Click this to view full catalogue structure)CMS/G/AC 14A/190
TitleLetter from Dr William Hoffmann, Basel
Extent1 item
DescriptionDated 22 December. Agrees about Deerr; the greatest danger was for him to remain single after Mrs Deerr died; a second marriage and a small farm would be best for him; 'he does not accept of any advice from his friends'. For Winckler, a fortnight's visit from his son would do no harm and the denying of a visit would sharpen 'his bitterness of feelings'. Kruse's eldest son is now 15 and apprenticed to a mechanic. Comments again at length on type of education they give to their students before they are sent to CMS; they will aim to fit their teaching of the students into the plans proposed by CMS; raises point that their students no longer have time, even on Sunday, when in London to go to Steinkopf's church; they enjoy the services at Mr Hambledon's church; asks if it would not be permitted for them to attend Steinkopf's church as 'even hearing a dissenting minister would not weaken but strengthen the attachment to the Church of England, still less attending different places of worship of the same Church'.
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