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TitleLetter from Augustus Henry Dittrich, London to Blumhardt
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DescriptionDated 2 November. Has this morning had further proof that it was God's guidance that brought him from Cambridge to London; has had instructive conversation with Rev William Jowett, CMS traveller in the Mediterranean, regarding the state of Christians in the East in general and amongst the Greeks more especially; gives a detailed account of the information and advice Jowett gave him, particularly in dealing with Oriental Christians; Jowett then spoke about the possibility of a sphere for a German missionary society to work closely with the British operations on the coast of the Mediterranean and also to link with the work of Dr Henderson and Dr Paterson. Suggested Trebizond as a possible site because of the 'extensive commerce', 'the proximity of Russia', 'the facility of corresponding with the missionaries of the Crimea'. Particular attention should be given to finding out 'those places of the interior where caravans cross each other, as well as those where the Christians enjoy peculiar freedom'; a journey of enquiry is necessary taking at least one year and visiting places twice 'a first visit and first inquiries furnish many things which strike the mind and please the fancy, that acquire a very different aspect on a second view of men and of circumstances; it is not however till after such modification that our observations come nearer to Truth and usefulness'; the traveller should spend the first year in Constantinople learning the language and the state of affairs, the second year he should travel into Armenia, repeat the journey the third year and then return to Basel to report.
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