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TitleLetter from S. La Roche, President, and Eman. Burckhardt, [Basel]
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DescriptionDated 2 October. Writing, on behalf of the Committee of the Evangelical Missionary Society, in reply to resolutions passed by CMS Committee 28 Aug 1846: the two Societies have been connected for 28 years during which time 70 Basel men have worked for CMS; at first they were ordained as Lutherans, but later subscribed to the 39 Articles and were ordained in the Church of England; the recent theological question raised by one of the students led to Hoffmann visiting England for discussion; it has now been agreed that the views 'are not irreconcileable with the second article of your Church and we therefore hope that you will number them with those non essential points of doctrine which are left by your Articles themselves to the investigation and the judgement of individual minds'; agree to calling Deggeler back to Basel leaving Koelle and Fuchs in London; give reasons for not agreeing to the last year of theological study being in Islington rather than at Basel; to avoid difficulties in the future and to continue the close cooperation of the two Societies would suggest that if students are found unsuitable they should immediately be sent back to Basel.
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