Finding Number (Click this to view full catalogue structure)CMS/G/AC 14D
TitleAmerican Board of Missions, Boston
Extent26 items
DescriptionLetters received by CMS, predominantly concerning publications:
/1 Letter, dated 31 May 1820: sends publications;
/2 Letter, dated 11 October 1820: introduces Samuel T. Armstrong of 50 Cornhill, Boston, visiting London;
/3 Letter, dated 6 March 1821: sends publications;
/4 Letter, dated 22 May 1821: sends publications;
/5 Letter, dated 1 September 1821: sends publications; is glad extracts are used in CMS publications;
/6 Letter, dated 19 October 1821: introduces Dr Judson, a medical student, son of a clergyman;
/7 Letter, dated 14 November 1821: relating to education of native children in Ceylon by boarding them with mission families;
/8 Letter, dated 27 May 1822 from Mr Levi Chamberlain writing on behalf of Evarts who is ill: sends publications;
/9 Letter, dated New York 8 July 1822: introduces Dr Spring of New York;
/10 Letter, dated 7 November 1822: sends publications;
/11 Letter, dated 1 May 1823: sends publications; reference to Jowett's Researches; they are collecting a missionary library;
/12 Letter, dated 14 June 1823: sends publications;
/13 Letter, dated 5 November 1823, from Henry Hill writing on behalf of Evarts: sends publications;
/14 Letter, dated 28 October 1824: refers to payment for publications;
/15 Letter, dated 26 January 1825, from Henry Hill writing on behalf of Evarts: refers to publications;
/16 Letter, dated 12 May 1825: relates to difficulty of education of children of missionaries in Ceylon and of their obtaining work when adult; Ceylon missionaries proposed sending them to America, but the Board of Missions considered that to remove children 'from under the tutilage of their parents' 'seemed not according to the order of Providence'; asks CMS if similar question has arisen with the CMS missionaries;
/17 Letter, dated 28 June 1827, from R. Anderson: explains late arrival of publications and suggests best method of sending (by the Liverpool packet from New York);
/18 Letter, dated 1 June 1829, from Evarts: sends pamphlets;
/19 Letter, dated 6 July 1829: relates to opening fund for widows and orphans; enquires re CMS practice;
/20 Letter, dated 9 April 1830 from Anderson: relates to best method of sending 'Missionary Register';
/21 Letter, dated 7 February 1839: asks for publications for their library; lists missing numbers;
/22 Letter, dated 8 March 1839: concerning Rev Cyrus Stone, Mahratta Mission who, having changed his views on ecclesiastical government had been received by the local CMS Committee; refers to principle which had prevented ABCFM accepting Rhenius and his associates in similar circumstances;
/23 Letter, dated 20 August 1839: concerning Rev Cyrus Stone;
/24 Copy of resolution relating to Rev C. Stone passed by Industrial Committee 22 August 1839;
/25 Letter of introduction for Rev William Richards and Mr Timoteo Haalilio, commissioners from Sandwich Islands government, dated 30 January 1843;
/26 Letter, dated 29 September 1843, from Rev David Greene: introduces Rev Rufus Anderson.
Access StatusOpen
Administrative HistorySecretaries: 1820-1829 Jeremiah Evarts; 1827-1843 Rufus Anderson


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