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TitleSociety of Christian Morality and Paris Evangelical Missionary Society, Paris
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Description/1 Letter, dated 10 June 1822, from Committee of the Societe de la Morale Chretienne [Society of Christian Morality]: wish to exchange publications;
/2-7 From Paris Evangelical Missionary Society:
/2 Letter, dated 1823 [received 28 May], from President and Secretary: introduces Monsieur M. Stapfer and Rev Marc Wilks who are coming to London for the Bible Society meeting;
/3 Letter, dated 24 August 1825, introducing Monsieur Gutzlaff;
/4 Letter, dated 1 May 1828, from Rev M. Grandpierre: 'we' are considering beginning a mission in South America amongst the Arrowauks in the interior area of English and Dutch Guiana between the Oronoco and Amazon rivers; asks for comments and advice from CMS; they have much appreciated Mr Wilson's visit [with translation];
/5 Letter, dated 4 July 1834, from Rev M. Grandpierre: acknowledges publications; Colonel Phipps attended their last annual meeting and 'edified us both by his private conversations and his public addresses'; recently met Gobat at Strasburg and discussed the Abyssinia mission; the Paris Society might send missionaries there in a year or two [with translation];
/6 Letter, dated 2 November 1843, from Rev M. Grandpierre: their missionaries in South Africa report extreme difficulties in educating their children; asks what measures CMS has taken in similar circumstances;
/7 Letter, dated 27 February 1844, from Rev M. Grandpierre to D. Coates: has fulfilled the commission given him by Mlle de Chabaud on the subject of Madame Asmar; her reply, with which Coates will doubtless agree is that it would be better that the English Library which is charged with the English publication should negotiate with a French library about a French translation of a life of Madame Asmar; thanks for information about the education of missionaries' children.
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