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TitleMiscellaneous papers
Extent13 items
Description/1 Printed memorial of the governors of King's College, Windsor, Nova Scotia relating to need for more financial support, London 1822;
/2 Anonymous letter from 'A Worshipper of God Almighty', dated 17 January 1822, postmark Bern, Switzerland: has traded for 35 years on the Mediterranean coast; Islam is better than Roman Catholicism for the countries bordering the Mediterranean and that the only way to convert Africa to Protestantism is to enter through Egypt after the British government had helped the Turkish government in 'the ensuing war against Russia';
/3 Manuscript entitled 'The Missionary' compiled by Mr J. Kitto: an account of the life of late Rev Robert Miller, London Missionary Society missionary, Bengal [received 1825];
/4 Statistical table of the Indians in the Province of Upper Canada: gives name of nation or tribe; number of men, women and children; amount of annual payments made to them by government for lands ceded to the crown; stations at which clergy and schoolmasters may be settled as soon as the Indians are accommodated with villages [received 15 May 1829];
/5 Minute endorsed by D. C. 'drawn up by Mr Goode at my request' 'it is not intended as an official document': relates to committee's decision to not admit [Valentine] Coombes as a student of Bishop's College [Calcutta] under the proposed Church Missionary Heber Scholarships because of concerns over current conditions at the College [received 21 January1829];
/6 Signed petition of the Lutheran congregation, Liverpool, Ohio, dated 31 December 1834: CMS should continue allowance to G. W. E. Metzger (formerly CMS missionary in Sierra Leone) so that he can continue to be their minister;
/7 Bills for shipping charges from Messrs Huther & Co, Hamburg, enclosing a note from Karl Tauchnitz, Leipzig to D. Coates, Salisbury Square, dated 30 March 1838;
/8 Testimonial, dated 4 April 1839, for George Theophilus Baerenbruck, from the Evangelical Missionary Society, Berlin [in German with English translation];
/9-12 Four issues of the Quebec weekly newspaper entitled, 'The Berean' (16 May 1844, volume 1, number 7; 23 May 1844, volume 1, number 8; 8 October 1846, volume 3, number 28; 18 February 1847, voume 3, number 47);
/13 Newspaper cutting from the Daily Southern Cross: letter signed 'Protestant', dated 18 September 1866, regarding a petition by the New Zealand Bishops 'for permission to resign their patents' further to a recent Privy Council judgement with a note by Angelina Georgina Burdett Coutts, dated 2 May, urging the preservation of 'Regal Supremacy in the appointment of bishops and the chief government of the Church'.
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